Friday, December 13, 2013

Minifigure LEGO Family

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We are HUGE fans of LEGOS in our house.  My 7 year old is still obsessed with them.  He asked for several sets for his birthday and he's getting a few more sets for Christmas (shhhh don't tell).  You can build everything with LEGOS: cars, trucks, buildings, helicopters and so much more.  Well now you can also build your family too!  And make a cute Christmas card with your LEGO Minifigure Family.

When my boys got home from school I was so excited to tell them about how we could create our own minifigures on the computer.  I got the website going for them and then I let them do all the work.  My two oldest boys took turns creating people in our family.  They figured it out without any help and were able to create our family.

My oldest was super excited when he saw that he could change up the face, clothes, and hats.  They all had fun picking out different outfits for their own minifigure.  And making us all look so glamorous.  

Once they were all done designing everyone in the family, they were able to change up the scene.  They all agreed on the one at the house, they loved the tree!  


So here is the picture that they created all by themselves.  I did not do a single thing to it.  My boys created the whole thing.  They had so much fun doing it and it was so easy for them to do it too.  Don't I look so awesome with the lightning bolt on my cheek?  And my little girl with the beautiful long red hair. 

It looked like so much fun that I wanted to try it out too.  So I created my own picture of our family.  It was fun to go through all the different options and try to pick out which ones my kids would like.  

I thought that it turned out so good that I printed it off and put it in a frame and have it with my Christmas decorations.  I'm going to print out the one that my kids made too so they can put it in their room too.  

This was so much fun!  You really need to do it for your family.  It's free and so easy to do.  I know that kids of all ages would love to do it.  If you ever wondered what you would look like as a LEGO, now is the time to find out :).

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Scrappy Gifts said...

fun! Will have to let my son try and me too =)

Britni Vigil said...

I love that Koy is in a stroller thing in the first picture, looks so fun!