Monday, January 13, 2014

#ad Football Game Day Party Ideas: Creating #SuperMoments

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If you're family is anything like mine, then that means that the weekends are spent watching football from September to February. My husband LOVES football and is always watching the games.  With the big game coming soon, I wanted to share some fun game day party ideas.  Of course I have some yummy foods that I am going to share, but I also have some ideas to keep the little kids entertained and to get them to watch and enjoy the game too!
#ad Football-game-ideas #supermoments
You can't have a football party without chicken wings!  Tyson has the best chicken, we love all the different kinds.  You can't have wings without dipping them in ranch and Kraft has some super tasty kinds right now.  On the Kraft bottles there is a paper play book explaining the #SuperMoments that you can create with your family while you are watching the games.#ad Football-game-ideas #supermoments (1)
I got all the food at Walmart.  During the playoffs, Tyson chicken will be on the freezer end cap and will be on the rollback for $5.98.
#ad football-party-ideas
To create some super moments for our party, I created some signs and then I made up penalties in regard to  eating.  You can get a free printable here so you can make your own signs.
#ad Football-game-ideas #supermoments (9)
The football food was fabulous!  The main food was the Tyson chicken.  We had wings, boneless wings and chicken fries for the kids.  Along with the spicy and home style ranch to dip them in.
#ad Football-game-ideas #supermoments (7)
Here are a few other things that I made for our party.  I made some wraps with the mango haberno boneless wings, football field 7 layer dip and chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels.  You could easily turn the strawberries into footballs too.  I always made the plates and cups into footballs with some white vinyl.
#ad Football-game-ideas2
To make the game more fun for the kids, I let them be the referrees of our eating.  If they saw us doing something bad (or good) they made a call on us.  Like in the picture, there is some double dipping action, so the ref moved in and called off sides on him.
#ad Football-game-ideas #supermoments (16)
The kids fighting over the last chicken fry, the refs called that a fumble.
#ad Football-game-ideas #supermoments (20)
Here are the penalties that I came up with:
Double Dipping= Off Sides
Dropping a wing or food= Incomplete Pass
Smeared food on your face= Face Mask
Eating before the game= False Start
Sticky Fingers= Holding
Fighting for the last chicken wing= Fumble
Having to use a wet wipe= Flag on the Field
Sitting right in front of someone= Pass Interference
Bathroom break (or commercial break)= Time Out
Finishing all of your food= Touchdown!!!
Not finishing your food= Field Goal (because you just didn't quite make it).
Here are my cute kids and the signs.
#ad Football-game-ideas #supermoments 2
After we were all done eating, they went through the signs and watched the game closely.  If there was any penalty or score, they got to hold up the sign.  It made game day a lot funner for them.  If was a lot of fun and if you're going to be watching any of the football games, you should create one too. To create your own signs, print out the free printable here.

I would love it if you followed along.


Britni Vigil said...

So cute! Love all the penalties and flags.

Cathy McInnes said...

Love these football party ideas :-) Thanks also for hosting today's link party!!

Chelsea J said...

This is so cute! I love the bean dip! How fun!

Life Tastes Good said...

cute! love the flags!

Tia said...

SO CUTE! That 7-layer dip made to look like the field is adorable!

stacymolter said...

Cute! Love the dip!

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

Looks like this was a super fun party! I love the idea of turning the dip into a football field. So creative.

Betsy said...

What fun ideas, and great ways to involve the kids!

Amy Anderson said...

Oh dear, I love wings. Looks yummy!

Christy Gossett said...

I'm definitely most fond of the face mask. Such cute ideas here for a party. #client

Stacey Byrne said...

This is so cute! I love fun ideas to help celebrate special events. And that football field dip is amazing!

Kristin Wheeler said...

Great ideas for a fun football party spread! #client