Keeping it Simple: Awesome Boy Valentine Idea: Minecraft brownie bites and candy bars {Free Printable}

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Awesome Boy Valentine Idea: Minecraft brownie bites and candy bars {Free Printable}

Minecraft is all the rage right now, especially at my house.  My boys love it!  So for Valentine's Day, I had to come up with some fun valentines that my boys can take to class.  It's always hard to come up with a saying that my boys can give other boys, without sounding too creepy or cheesy.  So we just go for funny :).  I thought it would be fun it my boys gave the creepers to the boys and the Steves to the girls.
For the brownie bites:
I used a square mold and made brownies.  They ones that weren't completely filled worked the best.
Minecraft-boy-valentines (1)
I printed out the printables that I made here.  I used some paper straws and cut them in half and then some plastic wrap to cover the brownie. 
Minecraft-boy-valentines (2)
I stuck the straw into the brownie and then wrapped it up.  
Minecraft-boy-valentines (3)
Then I put the paper onto the brownie.  
Minecraft-boy-valentines (4)
And that's it.  I made up a Steve and Creeper along with a fun saying to go with them.  I'm definitely going to be doing these for my son's birthday party too, I love how they turned out.
Minecraft-boy-valentines (8)
I know that a lot of school don't allow baked goods, so I made up a candy bar version too.  I used 100 grand bars because I thought they fit with the whole mining and diamond themes of Minecraft.  

For these I just printed off the printables that I made here (they are different sizes than the brownies).  
Minecraft-boy-valentines (5)
I wrapped the candy bars with the paper.  I taped down the sides of the candy bars so they didn't stick out.
Minecraft-boy-valentines (6)
Then I taped the candy bar onto the sayings.
Minecraft-boy-valentines (11)
If you don't want to have such a big saying, you can use the one from the brownies too.  
Minecraft-boy-valentines (15)

I would love it if you followed along.


  1. Cute idea for boys! Pinned this!

  2. My boys are OBSESSED with minecraft. They would love these! Pinned them....thanks for the great idea!

  3. LOVE THIS! Thanks for the printable!

  4. How do I print them? I don't see a link to print.

  5. Where is the link to print these out? I had trouble finding it. My daughter would love these for the boys in her class.

    1. There are two different links, one for the brownies and one for the candy bars:

  6. Thank you for posting this!! My daughter loves mine craft and so easy to do=]


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