Friday, February 7, 2014

Fun and Easy Boy Valentine Idea- Kool-Aid Plane {Free Printable}

I have had so much fun creating fun and easy valentines for my kids this year.  I try to go off of what they like that year and go from there.  My 3rd boy loves all things transportation: trains, planes, and cars.  Since we did trains for him last year, I thought that making some fun planes would be awesome.  Well he loves them and I loved how easy they were!  Only took about 10 minutes, my kind of valentine.

koolaid-plane-valentine #freeprintable
I just took the Kool-Aid singles and a candy bar and then printed out the printable I made.  Get yours here.  
koolaid-plane-valentine #freeprintable (1)
Then I just used a dab of hot glue and glued them together.  You could use tape too and let your kids make them.  I did that for a couple too.
koolaid-plane-valentine #freeprintable (2)
Then with washi tape, I put the tag on.  And that's it, super easy!!
koolaid-plane-valentine #freeprintable (3)
I also made a printable that has cool spelled the right way.  You could make a plane out of gum and candy, or out of clothes pin and craft sticks and then use this printable for it.  Get it here.  
plane kool_2-001 (1)

I would love it if you followed along.