Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Master of the Arts Paint Kits: Finger Paints #kidscraft

Disclosure: This product was provided to me by Horizon Group USA.  All opinions, content and ideas are 100% my own. 
Spring is a wonderful time of year.  The change of seasons is just great.  But at the same time it is really hard on people.  Especially kids.  My kids right now are going stir crazy because one day it can be super nice and they can get outside and play and let out energy.  And then the next day it could be super windy, snowing and freezing.  The drastic changes of temperatures are just hard on everyone.  Last week it was beautiful, this week no so much.  So I needed to give them something to do.  That's where these master of the arts kits came in handy. 
master-of-the-arts-paint-kits (6)
At the end of April they will be available at Walmart for only $4.97 (or less) and there are a variety of them.  Today I let my kids play with the finger paints.  My daughter was so excited when I told her that we were going to finger paint, she asked about it all day long.  She said to me, "how many minutes until finger paint?".  All of my kids enjoyed it, even my oldest who is 9.  I just let them create.
master-of-the-arts-paint-kits (2)
I told them to create something that reminds them of spring.  My son immediately drew a tornado (it's tornado season and he's been fascinated with them ever since we lived in Kansas). 
master-of-the-arts-paint-kits (3)
My other son did a tornado too. 
My daughter had a blast with the foam stamps that came in the kit. 
master-of-the-arts-paint-kits (5)
They also had fun making their hand prints and made a butterfly.
master-of-the-arts-paint-kits (4)
I think that every parents' first thought about finger paint is if it's washable.  I can tell you that it came off of hands, tables and the floor with out any problems.  I just used a wet wipe.  It comes out of clothes too.  My kids tested that out too :).