Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Father’s Day Gift Idea: Fish Handprint Shirt

I always make a shirt for my husband for Father's Day with my kids' hand prints (or footprints).  This time I wanted to change it up a little bit and turn the hands into something.  So I made them into little fish :)

This is how we made it:
I painted my kids' hands with the fabric paint.
Father's-Day-Shirt-Idea-Fish-Handprint (1)
Then I had them put their hands onto the shirt.  Make sure to have the thumb sticking up to look like a fin.
Father's-Day-Shirt-Idea-Fish-Handprint (2)
Then I let them make bubbles.  So they put their index finger in the paint.
Father's-Day-Shirt-Idea-Fish-Handprint (3)
And made bubbles.
Father's-Day-Shirt-Idea-Fish-Handprint (4)
They also created a fun little face with their fingers.
Father's-Day-Shirt-Idea-Fish-Handprint (5)
And here are all the fun fish.
Father's-Day-Shirt-Idea-Fish-Handprint (6)
Using my Silhouette, I cut out the heat transfer vinyl.  Make sure you flip the words horizontally because cutting it.
Father's-Day-Shirt-Idea-Fish-Handprint (7)
I ironed on the words. I also ironed the paint, to help it set in.
Father's-Day-Shirt-Idea-Fish-Handprint (8)
Aren't they so cute??  I love my baby's little hand.
Father's-Day-Shirt-Idea-Fish-Handprint (10)
And that's it!!  Super easy and fun!  
Father's-Day-Shirt-Idea-Fish-Handprint (9)