Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DIY Framed Mirror Wall Art for Less Than $15

Have you ever walked into a store and found something that just screams your name?  And then you look at the price tag and almost faint because it's so high?  Or you think to yourself, I could make that for waaaaay cheaper.  That happened to me when I was at Hobby Lobby.  So instead of buying it, I decided that I could make it and I love how it turned out!
DIY-Framed-mirror-wall-art-for-under-$15 (1)
This is the mirror that I found at Hobby Lobby.  I loved it.  But the price was $51 (originally $149).  I even had it in my cart and put it up in the front to buy it.  But then I decided that I wanted to make it instead.  It ended up costing me only $15!  So much better than $51.
This is how I made it:
I wanted it to be big, so I cut a piece of wood 40x40 inches.  
DIY-Framed-mirror-wall-art-for-under-$15 (10)
I had some molding left over from a project, so I cut it to frame the mirror.  I measured the mirror and cut the inner part of the molding to that length.  I then cut it at a 45 degree angle.
Since this molding has a different thicknesses, I had to switch the saw to cut at the other 45 degree angel.  I did that for all four sides.  
I then painted all the wood.
DIY-Framed-mirror-wall-art-for-under-$15 (11)
The chevron in the Hobby Lobby was a little too bold for me, so I decided to do polka dots with white vinyl instead.  I cut out the circles with my Silhouette.  I tried to be very careful and measured all of the circles and where they should go.
DIY-Framed-mirror-wall-art-for-under-$15 (12)
Once I got all the vinyl on, I then glued the mirror into place.  I found this mirror for 50% off at Hobby Lobby.
DIY-Framed-mirror-wall-art-for-under-$15 (14)
For the frame, I glued it around the mirror and then filled the edges with wood filler.
DIY-Framed-mirror-wall-art-for-under-$15 (15)
I did that to all four sides.  Then when it dried, I sanded it and then painted it yellow.
DIY-Framed-mirror-wall-art-for-under-$15 (16)
Here it is all done, I love how big it is!
DIY-Framed-mirror-wall-art-for-under-$15 (17)
To put it onto the wall, I had my husband use our nail gun and put it onto the wall.  He also nailed the frame onto the wall so it wouldn't go anywhere.
DIY-Framed-mirror-wall-art-for-under-$15 (18)
And that's it!  I love the pop of color in my dining room.  It was so nice to be able to make it match my decor perfectly.
DIY-Framed-mirror-wall-art-for-under-$15 (2)

DIY-Framed-mirror-wall-art-for-under-$15 (6)

DIY-Framed-mirror-wall-art-for-under-$15 (7)

DIY-Framed-mirror-wall-art-for-under-$15 (3)


Kristin Bolster said...

Love it! I wish I had space for power tools in my house, I'd be a force to reckon with then!

Megan said...

I LOVE it!! It turned out so cute! M a chevron lover but I think the polka dots look so much better!

Mabey She Made It said...

Cute Kaysi! I'm pinning it!

inkhappi said...

Go You! Thats awesome! Its amazing how much money we can save and how much we can really diy to beautify our homes. The room looks great. The flowers on the table are a nice compliment to the mirror. :)

MrsMajor Hoff said...

Very very very cool! I also love your bar stools! they are fab!

Cori George said...

Love it! I think it's so great when you find something and then can make it for a fraction of the price!

Heidi @ Happiness is Homemade said...

This is great, Kaysi! I love that you can customize the size and use the colors that you want!

ashley @ my craftily ever after said...

I love this!!!