Monday, July 7, 2014

Kids Craft Idea: Froot Loops Planes and Cars #GoodNightSnack #Cbias

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You are all know that I love simple and easy. I especially love it when I can have a dinner that is simple and easy!  There are days that I just don't want to turn on the oven or cook a thing. I want something that is quick and easy with little clean up. Well  Kellogg's came to the rescue one day when I was having one of those days. One of our favorite dinners is cereal!  Seriously, we all love it!  Instead of just having cereal, we watched a movie and had a craft too.  It was all so easy and my kids HAD A BLAST! 
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I headed to Walmart to pick up our favorite Kellogg's cereals.  
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Right now they have a great promotion on specially marked boxes.  They have Disney Planes Fire & Rescue on it.  Those boxes have coupons in them that can save you $20!
I got several kinds for our movie night. By far my most favorite cereal is the strawberry Mini Wheats.  I seriously love them and could eat them everyday.  When I need something sweet to eat, I turn to those.  I especially love them as a #GoodNightSnack.  I pour myself a bowl and eat it while watching tv and enjoying some kid free time.
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For cereal night, I set up a tablecloth and we watched Disney Planes.  The kids had fun watching it and eating cereal.
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Once we were done eating, I got out some pipe cleaners and let the kids put Froot Loops and Apple Jacks onto them.  They had so much fun!  Plus it's a great hand eye coordination activity for my younger kids.
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It was seriously so awesome how well they did with this.  All four of them had fun.  It was also nice that they could snack on the cereal as they created too (don't we all love eating what we create?!).  My little girl enjoyed created some fun and colorful jewelry for herself.
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And the boys created planes and cars.  Aren't they so much fun?  I love how they turned out!  
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What do you love to create with cereal?  What is your favorite kind?


Carolyn said...

What a great idea to keep the kids busy - a fun take on the old cereal necklaces we used to make as kids. #client