Friday, September 5, 2014

Captain America M&M’s® Shield Cookies #HeroesEatMMs #CollectiveBias

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We are huge superhero fans in our house.  We love them!  I think with having 4 boys and just one girl, we all have to like them. At times I feel like I am the biggest fan in the house!  We love them so much that we dressed up as the Avengers for Halloween last year :).  So you better believe that we love Captain America.  He's one of my favorites, I love how pure and good he is. 

Since we love superheroes so much, of course we went and saw the Winter Soldier in the theater.  I took my two oldest to it this summer.  It's definitely one that we are going to own.  We are excited about the release of it on DVD on Tuesday.  To get ready, we had a Captain America day, we watched the first one, the kids wore their Captain America shirts and we enjoyed some Captain America shield cookies decorated with M&M's® and some yummy red, white and blue popcorn.
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I headed to Walmart to get all the yummy ingredients for our fun day.
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I picked up some bags of M&M's for the yummy snacks.
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For the cookies, I just frosted the cookies and then put blue and red M&M's all over it.  This is something that you could let your kids do too, it would be a fun activity.
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Then I added a little star in the middle of it with the frosting.
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So simple but so cool at the same time.  My kids loved them!
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I also created a yummy sweet and salty popcorn with white chocolate, pretzels and red and blue M&M's.  Get the full recipe here.
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The kids enjoyed having their yummy snacks and watching the movie (awesome action shot, huh?).
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Look at him eating that huge cookie, he loved every minute of it.
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And here are my boys sporting their Captain America and Avengers shirts.  
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With the realease of Captain America 2, will be launching soon.  It will be a great place to get special coupons for M&M's and the Winter Soldier, plus there will be games and a contest to win one of 10 $100 gift cards to Walmart.  
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