Tuesday, September 30, 2014

DIY Seahawks Shirt #NFLVinyl

Disclosure: I was given product to use to create these shirts, all opinions, ideas and content are 100% my own.

Our whole life we have lived in the west.  We grew up in WY, moved to Kansas, Utah and Nebraska.  Do you know what all of those have in common?  The closest NFL team was Denver, so naturally we became Broncos fans.  My husband has always liked the Broncos!  Well we are now Broncos fans in Seahawks country.  Now that we live in Washington all we see is things for the hawks.  Even though we are still Broncos fans, I thought that it would be fun for my kids to have some Seahawks shirts.  The idea of buying them just sounded expensive.  I can't afford to buy 4 or 5 shirts that cost $15 a piece.  So instead I bought some shirts at the dollar store and then used heat transfer to make the design on them.
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl
 Here are the shirts that I bought at the dollar store.  Can't beat a shirt for $1!
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (2)
I then cut out the #12 and #GoHawks out of the heat transfer vinyl.  Make sure when you are cutting out the heat transfer, you make sure you mirror the image horizontally and you have the shiny sign down on the mat.
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (3)
I ironed on the green heat transfer.
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (4)
Then I ironed on the blue directly onto the green.  Doesn't the layered look look awesome?!
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (5)
Here are the boys' shirts.  I love how they turned out!
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (7)
And here is my little girl's shirt, I LOVE the glitter heat transfer.  It's my favorite and it looks amazing!
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (8)
As you can tell, they were pretty excited about wearing them.
SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (10)

SeaHawks Shirt #NFLVinyl (13)

Here are some other fabulous ideas to make some awesome shirts to cheer on your favorite sports team.
Vinyl Roundup

All of this vinyl came from my absolute favorite vinyl company, Expressions Vinyl.  They have such a huge variety of stuff!!  One lucky winner is going to get a $100 gift certificate there!  Woohoo, that can buy a LOT of vinyl.  If you would like to win, just enter the giveaway below.  Good luck!