Friday, February 6, 2015

Easy and Cute No Candy Valentine- Chapstick Printable for Valentine’s Day or for a Gift

What girl doesn't love a good chapstick?  I know that I'm obsessed with it and would love to get something like this :).  I thought it would be fun to make a cute Valentine's Day printable for chapstick but I also thought that this would be a great everyday kind of gift too.  Perfect for someone who needs a pick me up.  Or perfect for the women you visit teach or perfect for friends.  It's just a cute way to give someone some fun chapstick.  I think that these would be perfect for teenagers but really for any person who loves chapstick! 

I got three different styles of chapstick, any of them would work great.  I got my favorite kind, cake batter (yum!).  I also found some cute little cupcakes at the dollar store.  And of course these would be great with eos lip balm too.  I then created a printable for Valentine's Day and for whenever.  
Easy-No-Candy-Valentine-Chapstick-Valentine-With-Printable (1)
I removed all the wrappers because they look cuter without the wrappers.  Then I cut out the printable. 
Easy-No-Candy-Valentine-Chapstick-Valentine-With-Printable (2)
I then just glued on the cute little cupcake ones.
Easy-No-Candy-Valentine-Chapstick-Valentine-With-Printable (3)
So easy and so cute!  These would be perfect for my little girl.
Easy-No-Candy-Valentine-Chapstick-Valentine-With-Printable (4)
And here are the eos ones.  I know that these are huge right now.  You can also get little mini ones at the Dollar Tree.  I'm going to give these to the woman I visit teach this month :).
Easy-No-Candy-Valentine-Chapstick-Valentine-With-Printable (5)

Easy-No-Candy-Valentine-Chapstick-Valentine-With-Printable (6)
As for the regular chapstick, I couldn't just have it be white when I can so easily put a design on it.  So I just wrapped with washi tape.  So easy and so fun!  
Easy-No-Candy-Valentine-Chapstick-Valentine-With-Printable (7)
Aren't they so cute?  
Easy-No-Candy-Valentine-Chapstick-Valentine-With-Printable (8)
I can't wait to give these out!  
Easy-No-Candy-Valentine-Chapstick-Valentine-With-Printable (9)
All you have to do is print out the printable and stick any fun chapstick on it, super easy!


Atta Girl Amy said...

You are definitely the Valentines queen! I adore clever. definitely one of my favorites.