Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easter School Lunch Foods- Duck Fruit Cups with Printable

I think that it is so much fun to send something fun in my kids' school lunches.  It's just fun to surprise them every once in awhile with a fun note and a fun food.  These duck fruit cups are perfect for spring/Easter, plus they are healthy and I know that my kids will love them!  I made up a fun little printable to go with it them.  
I took some pineapple fruit cups, googly eyes and some orange vinyl to make the ducks.  You could easily draw them on or use paper.  I then printed out the printable and cut them into little tags.  
Duck-Fruit-Cup-with-Printable (1)
I put the vinyl on and glued the eyes onto the fruit cups.  
Duck-Fruit-Cup-with-Printable (4)
And that's it!!  You could glue the tag on or just put it into their lunch boxes (that's what I'm going to do).  Either way, I'm sure it will put a smile on your child's face to see it!  
Duck-Fruit-Cup-with-Printable (6)

Here are a couple more ideas that I put into my kids' school lunches this week:

Easter-School-Lunch-Food-Carrot-With-Printable (4)

Easter-School-Lunch-Idea-Bunny-String-Cheese (5)