Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Easy Teacher Gift Idea- Dry Erase Markers with Printable

I know that it's the second week of June and I'm posting about a teacher gift and most of you are probably out of school.... but we get out this week and I'm just getting to it :).  This year I'm going for practical gifts for our teachers.  I made them a fun printable with a Target gift card for teacher appreciation week.  And now for the end of the school year, I am giving them dry erase markers (because I know that they can always use more of those) with a really sweet message to go with them.  

These are super easy to make, just pick up a pack of dry erase markers and print out the printable that I made.  
dry-erase-markers-teacher-gift-with-printable (1)
I cut out the tags, glued them onto the markers and then wrapped some baker's twine onto them.  Super easy!
dry-erase-markers-teacher-gift-with-printable (2)
And that's it!!  I'm excited to give them to my kids' teachers today! 
dry-erase-markers-teacher-gift-with-printable (3)


GoSouthAt Albuquerque said...

Aww I love this! I would have loved to get a Teacher Gift this year, but middle school kids just don't seem to care :(

I love your blog! Thanks for posting that awesome list of link parties, I am just starting my blog and YouTube adventure so those things really help me look for places to go and connect :)

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