Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kitchen Hacks Using Glad Press’n Seal Wrap

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We all love hacks that are super easy to do and make our lives easier right?!?  I know that I do!!  Well this kitchen hack is one that I should have been doing ages ago!  Seriously, it's so awesome and works so well.  And all you need is Glad Press'n Seal cling wrap. 
Cleaning the refrigerator is a pain.  Sometimes when I go to clean it, there is something that has been spilled onto the shelves and it's sooooo hard to get off.  Like if it's jelly or something like that.  The stickiness of the jelly and the coldness of the fridge make for a bad combination, I have to take out the butter knife and scrape it off, and even then it takes awhile.  Well I have a solution for you and it works wonderfully!  Line your shelves and drawers in your refrigerator with Glad Press'n Seal wrap. It makes for super easy clean up!  
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I got the Glad Press'n Seal from Walmart . Then I cleaned out my whole fridge.  Once the shelves and drawers were dry, I put on the Press'n Seal wrap. 
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On each shelf I used two pieces of the wrap.  I then cut off the excess and pressed down the sides.
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I did it for all the shelves in my fridge and in some of the drawers too.  We always seem to get a lot of crumbs in the drawers, so it will be really nice to be able to just take off the cling wrap, crumbs and all!
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Here is my fridge will all the shelves covered. 
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Then I put my food back in!  I was a little nervous that when I put the food in, the wrap would slide all around, but IT DIDN'T!  It was worked perfectly!!  It has been in there for several days now too and it is still working great!  My fridge still looks clean and I know that when somethings get spilled, I can just take off the Glad Press'n Seal wrap and throw it away, wipe it down quickly (rather than having to scrub a spot for 10 minutes) and then replace it. 
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Another kitchen hack  is using the Glad Press'n Seal wrap on your counter when you are cooking on the stove.  It's a great place to put your spatulas and whisks when you are cooking.  It's so nice because it stays put and you don't have to worry about it getting stuck to your utensil (like a paper towel would).  It's especially nice when you are making a sauce or gravy, those can be super messy on your counter. 
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It also makes an awesome placemat for kids.  My two year is the messiest eater when it comes to cereal and he makes a mess!  It’s not as big of a problem with the Glad Press’n Seal because I can just pick it up and throw it away.  Which is so great because when cereal dries, it’s like cemented to the counter and it’s super hard to get off!
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What kind of kitchen hacks do you do?  How do you use Glad Press'n Seal?  I would love to hear for me, leave me a comment!!


Hayley! said...

I have the Press'n Seal in my fridge right now too!! I haven't thought of putting it on the counter while I'm prepping, but that's a great idea! I've also been using it as a placemat for my 3 year old!

Sara McCarty said...

Umm...this is GENIUS!!! Totally stealing these ideas.