Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tie Dye Ombre Technique: DIY Ombre Tie Dyed Shirt Refashion

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It's no secret that I love color.  I just love it, especially bold and bright colors.  Any time that I can turn something plain into something fun and bright, I do it.  Just like this plain white t-shirt.  It's a size large in men's and as you can tell, it's pretty boring.  So I decided to take some tie dye to it and make it a fun, ombre shirt.  I was so impressed by how well it turned out that I might make myself a couple more, in purple and green (maybe even yellow!).  This shirt makes for a perfect summer shirt and I know I'm going to be wearing it a lot!

This is how I made it:
I first took the white shirt and refashioned it.  I took one of my favorite styled shirts (I like how it fits on me) and then I traced around the shirt.  I would recommend turning the white shirt inside out before doing this.  Since the white fabric is cotton and it might shrink, I made sure to make it bigger than the teal shirt.

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I cut it out (this is when I would have been good to have it inside out, so the seams were already lined up for sewing).
#ad DIY-Ombre-Tie-Dye-Shirt-Refashion (5)
I then turned it inside out and sewed the top and the sides, leaving the neck and arm holes untouched (for now).
#ad DIY-Ombre-Tie-Dye-Shirt-Refashion (6)
I then hemmed the neck and arm holes.  The shirt is now done!  
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Now time for the fun part!!!  The tie dyeing! I used the Tulip one-step kit, it was great to use and the colors are so much fun.  I just used the blue but I guarantee I will be using the other ones soon!  It comes with gloves, so it can be mess free!!    

#ad DIY-Ombre-Tie-Dye-Shirt-Refashion (9)

Using a spray bottle, I made the whole shirt (front and back) damp.
#ad DIY-Ombre-Tie-Dye-Shirt-Refashion (10)
Then I took the blue dye and added water to it (that's all you have to do) and then shook it up.  
#ad DIY-Ombre-Tie-Dye-Shirt-Refashion (11)
I then put the dye directly onto the shirt, just at the bottom.  That's where I wanted it to be the darkest.  If you want it to be dark on the top, put the dye on the top.  
#ad DIY-Ombre-Tie-Dye-Shirt-Refashion (16)
Then using a large paint brush and a bowl of water, I moved the dye up the shirt.  You just have to put the paint brush in the water and then put it onto the dark around and move the brush up the shirt.  It's so cool and so easy to do!  
#ad DIY-Ombre-Tie-Dye-Shirt-Refashion (17)
Continue up the shirt until all of it is covered.  You don't have to do the back because the dye is strong enough that it goes through it.  Pretty awesome, huh?

#ad DIY-Ombre-Tie-Dye-Shirt-Refashion (19)
Let it dry for 6-8 hours.  I let it lay there for about 3 hours and then I put it on a hanger to dry overnight.  Then wash it and dry it like you would regularly.  The color doesn't fade and it still looks great! 
#ad DIY-Ombre-Tie-Dye-Shirt-Refashion (26)
I paired it with my ombre necklace and now I'm ready for the day!  It's so much fun and I love it!! 
I loved my shirt so much that I made my daughter one too, and she is so excited about it (you can tell by her huge smile!).  I made it the same way as mine and I just used a white t-shirt that I got in a pack of 3 (in the boys section).

Thinking about doing some tie dyeing?  Check this out!
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