Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fireplace Makeover with Mosaic Tiles

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We just recently discovered tiling (we were too chicken to do it before) and now we are hooked!  We tiled our kitchen back splash and loved it so much that we decided to tile our fireplace.  One day my husband said that he saw a fireplace with mosaic tile on it and really liked it and after he said that there was no turning back.  I'm the one that usually has to push for the projects, so I always jump on when he wants to do something!  It was actually really easy to do and it only took us about 24 hours to finish.  For a full tutorial on how to tile, check out my post here.  

So here is the before picture- although it looks good I was sick of the plainness of it.  Plus the tile is definitely builder's grade and everyone who has this house style has this tile.  I needed something different :).
House pictures 8-30-14 (32)_thumb
So here is the process of the tiling.  We actually just tiled directly onto the other tile.  We started in the middle and worked our way out.  We also used the sticky mat again (instead of cement).  Then we grouted it and sealed it like you normal do. We got the sticky mat at Home Depot.  
And that's it!  From start to finish it took about 1 day (minus the sealing, you have to wait 48 hours for grout to dry).  It went really smoothly and we LOVE the results.
fireplace-makeover-with-Mosaic-tile (12)
Isn't this mosaic so pretty?  Love the colors!
fireplace-makeover-with-Mosaic-tile (15)
Some day we will change out the floor tile or maybe paint.
fireplace-makeover-with-Mosaic-tile (16)
I like that the fireplace is now the statement piece, instead of the tv.  People will look at the fireplace first (hopefully).
fireplace-makeover-with-Mosaic-tile (1)

Because the tan tiles ending up clashing with the mosaic tiles, we replaced them with a nice light gray.  We did it when we installed our hardwood floors.
tips-on-how-to-install-hardwood-floors-yourself (17)

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Beach Gal said...

I LOVE this!!!

Question for ya, are your components (dvd/blu ray/cable box) in the white plastic bins under the tv?

I am considering putting my TV over the fireplace and am looking for ideas for the components and tiling the fireplace :)