Monday, September 28, 2015

Hair Hack: How to Remove Hair Elastics Quickly and Easily without Pulling Out Hair

My sister just told me about this trick this weekend I could not wait to tell you about it!!! It is one of those tricks that are awesome and are life changing!  My little girl has really thin hair, so some of the best hairstyles for her are ones that take a lot of little elastics.  But the pain of taking them out is NOT FUN!!  It hurts her and it pulls out her hair, it's frustrating for both of us.  Well no more, no more I tell you!!  I just have two words for you that solved our problems: SEAM RIPPER!  Yup it's true, it works so well and no more pulling out hair and taking forever to get them all out.  

So here is a video of it so you can see how it works.  As you can tell in the video, taking out the elastics doesn't phase her one bit.

And here's a picture that you can pin so you can remember :).

I also wanted to share this super cute hairstyle that I love to do with my girl's hair, it's so much fun and perfect for girls with thin hair.  
How-to-remove-hair-elastics-quickly-and-without-pulling-out-hair (2)
Here is a full view of it. There are 7 ponies altogether, two on top, three in the middle and two on bottom.

How-to-remove-hair-elastics-quickly-and-without-pulling-out-hair (3)

And here it is on the top, isn't she so cute?!?!  :)
How-to-remove-hair-elastics-quickly-and-without-pulling-out-hair (4)


Michelle said...

I love the hair-do! Works great when short hairs don't fit in a single pony in the back. I have been pulling my daughter's elastics out by separating the hair toward the scalp, opposite of how you would if you were tightening one up. It works OK (and a bonus you can reuse the elastic) but still pulls if you aren't careful. I will use this in a pinch though!