Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gift Idea for Men- DIY Bathroom Shelf for Beard Trimmer and Razor

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Buying a gift for your husband is hard sometimes, well at least it's hard for me.  It seems like if there is something that he wants, he goes out a buys it.  He doesn't wait until his birthday or Christmas to get something.  So this year I decided to make him and buy him something that he needs. My husband is getting into his mid 30's and is the facial hair is finally coming in (it's cracks me up a little bit that he's now finally getting facial hair). I have been noticing that is has been grooming his facial hair more and more, so I decided it was time to get him something for that.  So I got him a really cool beard trimmer and then I made him a little shelf to organize all of his shaving stuff on.  I made the shelf 100% myself, since it's going to be his gift this year I wanted to surprise him with it already built :). 

I headed to Target to pick up the beard trimmer.  They have a variety of electronic razors and trimmers.  I picked up the Norelco Bread Trimmer 7300.
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Now time for the shelf.  This was really easy to make. It was my first time making something 100% myself (I usually design and cut and then my hubby will assemble it for me, like these bathroom shelves) but this time I whipped out the power tools to build it! :) 

I got some 1x4 wood and a square dowel that was 5/8".  I cut the wood to be 16". To make sure all three of them were the same size, I measured one to be 16" and then I with that piece of wood, I measure the other piece of wood and dowel. I used a miter saw to cut them.
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For the dowels to hold up the trimmer and razor.  I got a 3/8" dowel and cut 4 pieces to 2".  We didn't have a drill bit that was 3/8", so I drilled a 1/2" hole in the back of the wood.  I had two of the dowels 2 1/4" apart and the other two were 1 1/4" apart.
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I then screwed the dowels into the wood.  I had to go slowly so the wood of the dowel would crack.
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Next I nailed the bottom of the shelf to the back with a nail gun.
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And then using wood glue, I glued the dowel onto the shelf. 
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Now the shelf is built! 
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I painted it a fun aqua color to match out bathroom and that's it, it's done!!  
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I put it into a fun basket and gave it to my husband!  He was very excited about it!
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You can put the shelf  on the counter if you want (if you have room). 
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But if you don't have room, it's great for the wall. Or it's perfect for inside the cabinet on the wall or on a door.  I just used those sticky strips and put it onto the wall, I used a level to make sure it was straight.
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Then I added all of his grooming stuff.  The dowels are perfect to keep the beard trimmer upright, this razor up and to hold the accessories to the trimmer.  He can also keep his after shave, shaving cream and extra blades on there too. 
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It is so nice to get his stuff off of the counter (we don't have much drawer space) and more organized! 
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The beard trimmer has several different settings on it so it's perfect for trimming beards or stubble. It also has a vacuum system so there is less of a mess (because no one loves all of those little hairs all over your bathroom sink....).  It even has a stubble comb to create the perfect stubble (that's what I'm excited for for my hubby, I don't love the beard but like the stubble like!). 
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 Is your husband participating in the facial hair trend right now?  Or can he grow a beard like the best of them?  If so, you should definitely look into getting him a Noreclo beard trimmer for Christmas and build him a fun shelf to store it on!

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A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

That is a great idea! I'm sick of my husband's stuff being such a mess at times :P

Hydrangea Hippo - Jennifer Priest said...

OMG my husband totally needs this!! I love it!

Dinah Wulf said...

What a great idea! My husband would love it if I made this for him.