Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Party Foods- Cheesy Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers Recipe

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I love cheese.  And when I say I love cheese, I don't mean that I really like cheese, I mean that I am obsessed with cheese.  Seriously.  When I was in high school I was obsessed with cheese.  I loved eating it but I also the thought of it.  I owned two cheese heads (one was small, one was big), I had cheese earrings and anytime I saw cheese on socks or clothing I bought it.  My senior quote in the yearbook was "cheese and monkeys" and in my senior picture I had a block of cheese and a monkey with me in the picture (I was SO WEIRD when I was in high school!!!).  I still can remember buying the block of cheddar cheese on our way to pictures and my mom using a little pocket knife to put holes into the cheese to make it look like Swiss cheese (I liked the color of cheddar cheese but the holes of Swiss cheese).   Oh man, I was so goofy back then :)!

Like I said before, I LOVE cheese!  I love putting cheese into a lot of my meals (I also like to have extra cheese in everything!) and I love just snacking on it.  Whenever I have to bring some kind of appetizer for a party or am throwing a party, I make sure that I have something cheese related because it's just so good! When I am entertaining or need to bring something to a party, I love to bring a cheese tray and then these cheesy stuffed jalapeño poppers.  They are oh so good! 

I headed to Walmart to pick up the ingredients for the poppers.  I found the Cracker Barrel Cheese Tray with the blocks of cheese, the Kraft shredded cheese with the other cheese and the Philadelphia cream cheese with the other cream cheeses.
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This is what you'll need for the jalapeño poppers:
1 cup Kraft cheddar cheese
1 package Philadelphia cream cheese
3-4 green onions, diced
1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
4-5 bacon, cooked

This recipes can make about 20 stuffed poppers.
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1) Cook the bacon.  I like to make it crispy to give the filling some crunch.
2) Add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix together.  The easiest way to get in there with your hands and knead it like dough.
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3) Cut off the ends of the jalapeños and remove the seeds.  I found using a the back end of a spoon was a great way to loosen up the seeds to get them out.
4) Stuff the jalapeño with the filling.
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For the batter, you will need:
1 1/4 cups flour
1 egg
1 cup milk
2 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 Tbsp sugar
1/4 cup oil
5) Mix all the ingredients for the batter in a bowl with a whisk.
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6) Dip the jalapeños into the batter and then immediately put into a deep fryer (I removed the basket because the batter sticks to it).
7) Fry in fryer for 4-5 minutes at 375*, or until golden brown.
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And that's it!!  If you like ranch, these poppers are definitely great with that too!
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I paired them with the Cracker Barrel cheese tray and some crackers.  It was a great combination.  Plus the cheese tray is already cut, so it makes for a super easy appetizer!
#ad cheesy-stuffed-jalapeño-poppers #NaturallyCheesy (13)  The flavor of the stuffing goes great with the jalapeño and the sweetness of the breading really compliments it all.  
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What kinds of recipes do you like to put cheese into?  Anytime I can, I like to put cheese into my recipes :).  If you need some more recipes and inspiration, make sure to check out the Kraft website, it is packed full of cheesy goodness! 


Stephanie said...

What a great idea! I always serve a cheese and cracker tray on my holiday appetizer table, but cutting so much cheese (we usually have about 20+ people and I tend to put too much out!) takes a toll on my hand. What a great time saver! And YUM, those jalapeno poppers look delicious! {client}