Thursday, December 10, 2015

Holiday Turquoise Lights with Glitter and Snowflakes

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There are several things that I love to change out during the holiday season.  It's fun to have a change up in my decor and try out some new color schemes.  I especially love to decorate for winter during the holiday season because I can keep it up longer than just a month.  I thought this year it would be fun to change up my pendants in my kitchen to be more festive and like holiday lighting.  A couple months back I dyed my pendants lights turquoise and I loved it soooo much that I thought it would be fun to do something similar, but a little more festive.  This time around I added glitter and snowflakes and I just LOVE them!!

This is how I did it:
I started out with these pendant lights.
Holiday-turquoise-lights-with-glittery-snowflakes  (1)
Then using my Silhouette CAMEO, I cut out some snowflakes out of white vinyl.  Using some transfer paper (the transfer paper helps keep the snowflakes in tact while you move it to the light), I put them onto the lights making sure to press down hard and leaving no air bubbles in it.  The easiest way to do it with the curved surface is to start in the middle and work your way out. 
Holiday-turquoise-lights-with-glittery-snowflakes  (2)
Now for the dying part.  I used Mod Podge and Rit Dye.  **I used the little bottle of Mod Podge but I recommend getting the bigger bottle because the little bottle is more runny.**  I added some dye into the Mod Podge and then stirred it up.
Holiday-turquoise-lights-with-glittery-snowflakes  (3)
I put the dye onto the lights being very careful when I went over the snowflakes.
Holiday-turquoise-lights-with-glittery-snowflakes  (4)
Then I put some blue and white glitter onto it (because who doesn't love glitter?!?!)  The way that I did that was I put a little bit in my hand and then I gently blew it onto the lights.  You can control where it goes easier that way rather than just dumping it onto the light.
Holiday-turquoise-lights-with-glittery-snowflakes  (5)
I let it dry for a couple minutes (don't want too long or it will peel off some of the dye) and then I took off the vinyl on the lights, leaving  a snowflake design.  I bet you could spray them with a clear finish so it would be easier to clean them.
Holiday-turquoise-lights-with-glittery-snowflakes  (6)
I put them onto my pendants lights.  How cool would this look with vintage pendant lights?!
Holiday-turquoise-lights-with-glittery-snowflakes  (8)
Here is a close up of how the snowflakes look (the look better in person!).
Holiday-turquoise-lights-with-glittery-snowflakes  (12)
This is how they look looking down on them, the glitter is SO MUCH FUN!!!  I just love how it sparkles. 
glitter and snowfakes lights (3)
And here they are in my kitchen.
Holiday-turquoise-lights-with-glittery-snowflakes  (14)
And here is how it looks with the lights turned on. 
Holiday-turquoise-lights-with-glittery-snowflakes  (18)
Here is what the other turquoise pendants light look like in my kitchen, I love both of them!! 


Gerri said...

Gorgeous and I love how they can stay up all winter long.