Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Outdoor Activities for Kids {Let Kids be Kids}

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I am a firm believer of letting kids be kids.  I feel like lately kids are forced to be like adults sooner than they were before and it's so sad to me.  You don't see kids playing outside like you did when I was growing up.  I think that it's important to teach our kids how to work but I think it's just as important to teach them how to play too! I have four boys and one girl, so I know that life with kids is MESSY!  But I love to see my kids play and just have so much fun, no matter how messy they get.  I just make sure that I have a good laundry detergent to get out life messes :).  

Now that it is summer and warm and the kids are most likely getting bored, I am sharing a few outdoor activities to do that are guaranteed to entertain the kids.  You could do all the activities in one day  or spread them out, either way the kids will have a blast (and adults too!).  

The first game is an easy game to play, you can play with just a couple people or a group of people.  All you need are plastic cups water.

All you do is have them line up and give everyone one cup.  Then fill up one cup with water and have each person empty the cup and the person behind them try to catch it with their cup  

Continue down the line until you run out of water.  You can have the first person go to the back of the line to keep it going too.  That didn't work with my kids are you can see :). 

The next activity is one of my favorites.  We have done it so many times and it still doesn't get old.  I still LOVE it! All you need is a 2 liter bottle of diet cola (it has to be diet) and a roll of Mentos.  
I made a paper funnel to put the candies in all at once.  All you do is put the candies into the pop and then step back and enjoy! 

I'm still amazed by how high it goes! 

And lastly we had a water balloon fight,  but not just a water balloon fight, these balloons are filled with colored water, so it made it even more fun!

We filled them up and then let the kids go wild.  They had a blast and it was awesome to see the color spatter everywhere.  

This is one happy and colorful face!! 
After a fun filled day I always turn to all® detergent to do my laundry.  It's my favorite and I don't use anything else.  

I headed to Walmart to get some of the new all® Powercore™ Pacs OXI to help fights those messy stains my kids get. 

After the balloon fight the kids' clothes were pretty colorful, so I threw them in the washer with one of the all® Powercore™ Pacs OXI.  They have superior whitening and brightening so I knew that they were be great on my whites. 
And I was right, the white shirts came out nice and bright and white :).  You never would have guessed that just minutes before my kids were all colorful in those shirts! 

This summer let your kids just be kids and let them play and get messy!  These three activities are a great way to start.  And if they get messy this summer (and you know that they will!) just turn to all® to help clean up their clothes.  


Emily Stephens said...

I want to come hang out at your house! So many fun activities going on there! It's amazing how bright and white your kiddo's shirts are after washing in all®! #client