Friday, November 18, 2016

How to Build a Sofa Table for Only $30

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A couple weeks ago I decided that it was time to change up some decor in my loft area.  I started ripping things off the wall and rearranging things for it.  Then I got a nice big window for the area, put my cute yellow wreath on it and tried to make my existing cabinet work, but it looked bad.  So I looked all around town and online for a sofa table that would work for the space.  I found several but they all seemed to be $100+ or the wrong size or wrong color.  So I decided that I would make a table instead.  Usually I design furniture and then my husband and I build it together.  Well this time I decided I wanted to try building it myself, and I did!  I made this table 100% on my own :).  If I can make it, then you can too, especially since I am going to give you step by step instructions.  

So here is the space before that was driving me nuts and I decided to just rip down one random day :)
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Just for your information, the table is 48" wide, 14 1/2" deep and 29" tall

This is how I made the table:
I started with a 2x8x8ft piece of wood and cut it in half to 48". I used a miter saw to do that. 

To put the two boards together, I used a flat bracket and screwed it into the bottom of the wood. 

Now for the legs.  I first decided how far I wanted the legs to be in from the top.  I ended up having the legs be 2" in from the sides and 3/4" from the front and back.  I used some 2x2 wood to get more support to the legs (and it looks nice too).  So I cut two pieces of the 2x2 wood 26" and then 2 pieces of 2x2 wood 10".  Then I cut 4 2x4 pieces of wood 27.5" (those will be the legs).  I put all of them onto the bottom of the table top before I started nailing them in.  I marked where they should go with a pencil and when I got all of my measurements and wood in place, I started nailing it the wood into the table top with a nail gun.  I did two legs at a time and worked from there.  The 2x2 wood was nailed directly into the bottom of the table top and the legs were nailed into the 2x2 wood.  I used 1 1/2 inch nails. 

Here is what it looks with all of the legs on. 

For added support, I used some L brackets and screwed them onto the leg and then onto the bottom of the table top. 

Here is what the time looks like with the legs on. 

And this is an awesome sight to see!!  Yay for being level :). 

 Now for the shelf.  I used a piece of particle board for the shelf but because it was thinner than the 2x2 and 2x4 wood I was using, I had to use some 3/4" L brackets to attach it to the 2x4 wood.  I cut the particle board 10" x 36", the 2x4s were 10" and the 2x2s were 36".  I nailed the 2x2s directly into the particle board  Then I used three brackets on each side to attach the 2x4 wood.  Here is what it looks like from underneath. 

I then nailed the shelf onto the bottom of the legs.  I used a piece of the 2x4 to help me balance and level it out while I was nailing it it.  I attached the shelf by nailing the legs into the  2x4 (that is attached to the shelf).  If you can see in the picture, I put about 5 nails into each leg to support the shelf.  Then I put a few nails into the 2x2 (that is attached to the shelf) and put them in at an angle to attach the 2x2 to the legs.  Once I got the shelf in, I went back and put a few more nails into the whole thing, just for more added support.  And now the table is built, now to paint it and make it pretty!

I first sanded the whole thing and then stained the table top with an espresso colored stain.  I brushed it on and then using a rag, took off the excess stain.  Then before I started working on painting the legs, I used some wood filler and filled in the holes from the all the nails that I put into the table. 

Then I taped up the table top and then sanded and primed the legs and shelf.  Then I added two coats of white paint.  I also painted the bottom of the table top (and all the brackets) white. 

I removed the tape and let it dry.  Then I chalked the gaps to give it a nice finished look.  And that's it! I stood back and admired my work :). 

Here it is with my cute window and wreath.
Here is a quick breakdown of how much it cost to make and what materials you need:
1 2x8 at $6.12= $6.12
2 2x4s at $2.68= $5.36
3 2x2s at $1.92= $5.76
4 L brackets at $.67= $2.68
2 flat brackets at $1.28= $2.56
2 packs of 3/4" brackets at $2.27= $4.54
Making the total $29.58
This doesn't include paint or stain because I had those on hand but they would be about $20 more if you had to buy both, so making it under $50, still not too bad!

And here it is in my house now, all decorated and fun!  
I made this fun and bright sign for it, and then bought a bunch of fun decor for it, including this old school rotary phone :). 

Because this table is replacing a cabinet (where we stored our diapers) I got some large baskets to go under it so we could still store the diapers and then some extra blanket. 

Isn't it so much fun?!?  I just love it and love it so much more than what I had there in the first place :).

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