Wednesday, April 5, 2017

To Get a New Shower, That is the Question

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% my own.

A lot of you might have seen my recent master bathroom makeover that we did a few weeks ago.  We didn't completely gut our master bathroom but really just change out the finishes to change it up.  We redid the bathtub, the floor and the vanity, leaving the shower because  it would be a big project and we really didn't want to put the time and money into it.  Plus since it was already white, it didn't clash with the new colors we were putting into the bathroom. I of course have thought about changing it out, who doesn't want to have a fancy shower, with beautiful tiles or a stand alone shower with clear glass doors to make a statement in your master bathroom?  I have always dreamed of having something like that, but reality hit and when we were redoing our bathroom, we decided not to tackle the shower.  I didn't think anything of it and posted about our makeover.  

Here is a before picture of our master bathroom.  As you can see there is nothing special about the shower.  It's a decent size and does the job, it's just not glamorous in any way. 

A couple weeks after I posted my master bathroom on my blog, the corner bathtub post got featured on Facebook on a big site.  I was so excited that it got featured and since I had already gotten a decent, positive response on the bath tub, I thought that I would read the comments on Facebook.  That was a big mistake.... I usually know better but I was curious what people thought about my tub.  **Just a note, bloggers are people and we do see comments on our posts, so remember the golden rule, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all :) **

Anyways, here are a few of the comments that were left on the Facebook post.  I was surprised by how many people liked the original better and how many people hated the shower.  I never saw it as an eye sore but they apparently did.  That seemed to be the common thing in the comments, that I should do something with the shower.    

So here is some after pictures of our master bathroom, as you can see we didn't do anything with the shower.  We updated the floor with gray tiles, changed out the tiles on the bath tub and then we painted the vanity and changed the counter tops.

Here is another view of the shower.  I do agree that it's not the prettiest thing in the room :).

So those comments got me thinking, is the shower really that bad?  Is it that much of an eye sore?  Some of those comments are impractical, like the idea of are ripping out the shower and the tub and making one big walk in shower because that is a crazy amount of work and would take our $2000 master bathroom makeover up to about $8000 since we would have to change up plumbing and probably bring in some professionals.  Plus I love my bath tub, it is one of the things that sold me on our master suite,  we use it almost daily when bathing the kids and I enjoy taking baths in the middle of winter (it was a cold winter this year so it was used very frequently).  But we could eventually redo the shower (it wasn't in our budget this time around) if it would really add to our bathroom.

Those comments definitely got me thinking (which isn't always a good idea, lol).  What I am  now thinking is that we could possibly take out the fiber glass shower, get a nice base (I like the look of that compared to tile on the floor), tile the walls and then some nice glass doors.  I actually really love the look of tiles in showers, especially when it's a nice design.  I would love to pull the white tiles from the bath tub and some how incorporate them into the shower.  
Shower Base

Or I was thinking that we could just replace the current sliding glass doors and get a swinging door with clear glass, a simple fix but one that would make the shower look more updated and clean and fresh :).  So my question for you is, what would you do?  Would you tile the shower and get a base and new doors, just replace the doors or just leave it alone? And a couple more questions for consideration:  Do you have tiles in your shower and do you love them?  How easy are they to clean?  And the swinging door, is it easy to keep clean?  And does it make a mess when you open it?  I would love to hear your thoughts!   Now keep in mind that we are not rich and this is not HGTV and we would be doing this on our own :).  


jbr said...

If you use the bathtub, keep it. The update looks clean and crisp, good job. We don't use ours and it drives me nuts. We would rather have a bigger shower and utilize the bathtub space for storage.

akacarole said...

We have white tile and grout in our shower and, although I like the look, it has been a nightmare to keep clean. Our area has a high concentration of iron in the water that, even with sealing, water filtration and daily wipe-down after showering, becomes a rusty orange in short order. We are looking at solutions for a do over and have narrowed the options down to Corian or possibly stainless steel......doing more extensive research and poling the neighbors for their solutions....🙂 Ideas, anyone?