Saturday, June 17, 2017

DIY Car Seat Organizer- Perfect for Road Trips

We are traveling a lot this summer and every year I try to come up with something that will entertain and/or organize my kids' stuff.  Some things work great and somethings not so much.  My daughter loves to draw and color and do all of that kid of stuff but she always has problems with dropping her stuff (it always causes a lot of crying on trips).  I have tried to make her things, like binders and stuff but for some reason they don't work.  There is just too much in her lap at once.  So I thought that maybe if I had all of her supplies and foods in front of her, than it would be better.  So far so good!  She loves this and that she can see everything in it.

I headed to Walmart to get the supplies.  While I was there, I got some of the new Go Anywhere Kleenex to put into the organizer.  These are nice for cleaning up the dry erase boards and for blowing noses (of course).

The new packs come in super fun designs and are a great size for the car or a purse!  You can get a coupon to get $.50 off right now, so making them a great price!

Here is how I made the organizer:
I cut two pieces of fabric that were 15 inches wide and 20 inches long.  (When I make more for the other kids, I am going to make it a little wider, maybe like 18").

For the pockets, I cut some blue fabric.  All of them were 15" wide.  The bottom pocket was 15x16", middle one 15x10" and the top one 15x7".  All of them were folded in half (so the pockets are half the size you cut them). 

I then made some bias tape for them. I cut 5 pieces of polka dot fabric that were 15" wide and 3" high.  I then ironed them to make them into a bias tape.  You fold the edges down and iron and then you fold the whole thing in half and iron. 

I sewed the 5 pieces onto the pockets, only sewing one onto the bottom piece. 

I then sewed the pockets onto the big gray fabric.  I sewed the bottoms, sides and then the middle (to make additional pockets). 

Every time I try out these car seat organizers, they just have one strap on the top to go around the head rest of the seat.  Well they always seems to just flap around and annoy us, so we don't use them. So instead of one flap, I used three pieces of elastic.  The two that go around the whole chair were 30" long and the one that goes around the head rest was 10".  When I was sewing the back of the organizer onto the front, I put the elastic in on the sides and sewed them in too.  You can see them kinda poking out on the sides :). 

I flipped it right side out and then sewed up the top. 

I then made up some fun bingo cards (these are my kids' favorite, they love them).  So I printed out the three bingo cards and then laminated them so they can use a dry erase marker on them. You can get them here:

And that's it!!  I filled it with goodies and the bingo cards, notebooks, coloring books, pens and more.  There is even a nice place for the Kleenex

It's in a perfect place for her, she can reach everything and easily put things back.  

For my older kids were don't like to color as much, I am going to make the bottom pocket a garbage.  I will put a bag in there and then clip it on with binder clips. 

Wanna see in it in action ;).  Here is my little girl trying it out!

Make sure you check out the new Kleenex Go Anywhere, they are great!  And don't forget your $.50 off coupon