Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bathroom Makeover with Timeless Touch Design

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape®. All opinions are 100% mine.
I am obsessed with paint.  Nothing is safe in my house (and most things are not their original color).  I love how just a little bit of paint can transform a room or a piece of furniture.  It is really amazing the power of paint.  Well recently I have been redoing my house (like the whole house) and I have been painting every room, one at a time. All of my house was a beige color (walls and ceilings, everything!) and I am updating everything a painting all the walls a nice light gray and then all the ceilings white.  I am loving how it is turning out!  I have all of the common areas done so now I am turning my attention to the rooms.  I decided that our guest bathroom was in need of a makeover and I absolutely love the outcome of it!

Here is what the bathroom looked like before, as you can see very beige.  Even the tiles are beige.  I tried to make it brighter with some pops of yellow but it definitely needed a little more help.  
When you paint, taping is the key to have it go smoothly.  There are a lot of things to tape (especially with those shelves) so I used Frog Tape® to tape the trim and doors.  Frog Tape® are treated with a PaintBlock® Technology that has a polymer in it that reacts to the water in the latex paint that instantly gels to form a barrier on the tape that seals the edges.  It makes it so when you pull off the tape, it leaves a super sharp line!  
The first thing I did was taped up all the trim, doors, mirror, lights and the shelves with the Frog Tape®.  Make sure when you are taping to press down so that the tape is smooth against the surface.  
Once it was all taped up, it was time to paint the room.  I was able to get right up to the edges of the wall and next to the trim and not have to worry about the paint getting on everything.  This color is called Worldly Gray. 
Once the paint was dry, it was time to take off the paint.  Look at that crisp, sharp line it left behind!  One of my favorite things about this tape is that when you pull it off, it comes off whole (it doesn't rip) and so you don't have to take out the tweezers and pull off little pieces of tape (yes I done that before, many times). 
Now that the walls are painted, it's time to paint the ceiling white. I taped the walls where it meets the ceiling and the vents on the ceiling. Then I painted the ceiling with a factory white flat paint.  
Once the ceilings were painted and dry, it was time to take off the tape.  And once again, it did an amazing job sealing the edge and having a nice sharp line.
Once I was done painting the bathroom, it was time to start redecorating it.  I am trying to make my house more stylish and fancy, so I decided to check out the 2017 FrogTape® Design Trends for some inspiration.  I love all the different things that you can do with paint and tape and I especially loved all of the fun designs and colors, they are just so fun.  Since this bathroom is one of the first thing people see when they come into my house and it's the guest bathroom, I decided that I wanted to go for a nice, subtle look in there.  So I went with the Timeless Touch design trend.  That one really spoke out to me.  So when I went looking for things to put on my shelves, I tried with the classic colors of white, gray, brown and black.  
The shelf was the most fun to decorate.  There is little storage in there, so the shelves also have to be functional, so I picked up a couple baskets to store things in and then I found some fun little decor items that just seemed timeless, like the globe, jars and bike.  I just loved how those look.  And there is nothing more classic than black and white pictures :).
On the other side of the bathroom, I just went with a basic white towel and then gray walls. I couldn't put anything there because the shower door would hit it when it opens (and knowing my kids, there's no way that it wouldn't hit it).  
I added some fun towels to the shelves because they look nice but also because they are needed.  I feel like the gray is a little more modern but it added just the right touch for my design.
This basket was perfect for holding toilet paper too, it looks so much better in the basket than just placed onto the shelf. 
I mixed vintage and modern on this side, the mirror and vanity are modern but the sign I made is vintage with the antique faucet. 
And here it is all put together.  It's a small bathroom but that doesn't mean the design has to be small :).  I love the timeless look that it has. 
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