Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Halloween Pillow

I'm going to try to decorate more for the holidays, well the holidays that I really like :). I'm going to attempt to make at least one pillow. I wanted to make it really easy to change the pillow out, so I made a pillow case to go over one of my old throw pillows.

This is how I made it:
1) The pillow that I am covering is 17"x17". So I cut three pieces. The front one is 18 1/2"x 18 1/2". The back two are going to overlap, so one is 18 1/2"x12" and the other one is 18 1/2"x 10"

2) Next I cut out some heat transfer vinyl with my Silhouette. I used colors: purple, orange and silver from Expressions Vinyl

3) I ironed them onto the front piece of fabric.

Here is the design all ironed on

4) Next I took one of the backs pieces and then laid it onto the top piece, with the fronts together. Then I laid down the last piece. The two pieces overlap by about 6 inches.

5) I pinned it all together and then I sewed all four sides together.

6) I then stuff the pillow into the opening of the case.

And just like that I have a pillow for Halloween and I easily change it for the next holiday.



Emily said...

Really great idea. I love the thought of having a pillow case for lots of holidays... how simple to just change out and they don't take much to store for next year. Thanks for the inspiration!

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

This looks so easy...even for a newbie sewer like me! Very cute.

Van said...

oh, so great tutorial!

Light Trigger: OUR ENTRY

Kim@todayismysome-day said...

Cute pillows! I used that same kooky Silhouette spider on some of my Trick or Treat bags this week. Just love it!

Jami said...

Your pillow is 100% precious! Thanks for partying at the Tuesday To Do Party!

Kelli said...

Very cute! I think it's smart to make pillowcases...they'll make a big impact during the holidays, but will take very little space to store on all those other days!

Sarah @ Sarahndipities said...


Marie said...

Such a cute pillow!


Kimberly @ The Brown Eyes Have It said...

That is really fun! I love heat tranfer vinyl, I need to do more with it. :)

charm said...

And that surely counts! Very creative. Great for the halloween. What you've done was surely a great one to ponder, the whole thing looks easy and ideal, feels like I wanna make a lot of it for the up coming holidays.
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