Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yellow Painted Sandals: Update

I had several people ask to do an update on my yellow painted sandals.  So here is the update on them.

Here is the before picture, when I first made them:


And here is the after:

They are definitely dirty and a few of the polka dots have fallen off.  Can you tell where the pressure points are when I walk?  But what shoes aren't dirty after you wear them a few times. And I didn't clean them up before the picture. 

But they still look good on, and that is what matters to me!!

So now to answer the questions:
-The mod podge on the sandal made them a little sticky, not horribly though.  
-In my opinion, they have held up pretty well

If I were to do this again, this is what I would.  I would paint the sandal (where you feet go) and not put polka dots on it because it really doesn't matter because your feet cover it up.So no mod podge on the bottom.  I would do it the exact same way I did for the straps, I would put the mod podge on there because they still look great and doesn't effect how it feels when you wear them.



Tere Shake said...

these are so cute! i love them.

Kim said...

They look pretty cute even now. Thanks for the update since I am always curious how projects last over time!

Nancy said...

I loved your idea so I had to "borrow" it!! I used outside mod podge, and like you said it was sticky, but after I wore them, the stickiness seemed to go away. My sandals had smaller straps, so I only put the dots on the straps. I then mod podged over the dots, and so far they haven't come off. I used contact paper for my dots, and probably should have used outside vinyl, but like I said, so far so good. Thanks for the great idea!! I used a pair of sandals I had in the throw away bag, so they are now recycled!! Love your blog!!

srpprcrftr said...

Those sandals are so darned cute and what a great way to get a new pair of flipflops for nothing with a little bit of creativity. Love them. I'm going to be looking thru my sandals to see which ones I can recycle, Thanks for the great idea.