Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BIG bubble wand

While my husband and I were away looking at our new home, we left our 4 kids with my parents in Boise.  One day my sister let them try out these awesome bubble wands.  She made them for her activity girls (girls from the ages of 8-11) and let me tell you, my kids LOVED them!!  I’m totally going to be making some of these, and maybe I’ll do a detailed tutorial for them. 
They are really simple to make, you will need 2 dowels, 2 eye rings, cotton rope and some washers.
You drilled the eye rings into the dowels.  Then cute the cotton rope into 2 pieces.  The bottom one is about twice as long as the op one and it had 4 or so washers on it.  My sister cut hers 40” and 70” 100_0873
Put some bubble solution in a container and dip the rope into it, she just used the kind that comes in the big bottles.  You can make your own and I hear Dawn does a good job.  Then you spread out the two dowels and let the wind take the bubbles!
photo (22)

Aren’t they are awesome??
photo (23)
Once we get settled, I will definitely be making several of these!