Saturday, July 7, 2012

Car Magnet review

Sometimes I forget that I have a “business” and that I should advertise for it.  I didn’t get business cards until about a year ago.  I’ve always wanted to put my URL on my car in vinyl, but didn’t want to have something on it at all times.  Then I found out about a company called Magnets on the Cheap.  I loved the idea of having a sign on my car but I can take it off if I want to and I can put it on my other car.  So whenever I go to Hobby Lobby, I can switch it to the car I’m driving that day. 

It was super easy to make the sign.  I just made it on my computer and then uploaded the photo on the website.  It only took a few minutes and was super easy!  Plus the shipping was super fast!!

The magnet is heavy duty and stays on the car really well!  I've been impressed by how well it has stayed on!
The company even makes yard signs to promote your business!  So if you are looking to promote your business, go check them out!


Scrappy Gifts said...

This looks really cool! I like how you can take it off when needed. I'll have to look into them.