Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tasty Thursday: Cookie Salad

I got this recipe from my husband’s aunt.  We had it at a family reunion and my 7 year old son begged me to get the recipe.  It has the word salad in it, so it must be healthy right? ;)
This is what you’ll need:
1 package chocolate pudding
1 cup milk
24oz whip cream
1 package oreo
This is how to make it, it’s super easy!!
1) Combine the milk and pudding together
2) Add the whip cream and stir it altogether
3) Smash the oreos while in the package.  You can stomp on it, throw it on the ground, use a hammer.  Get creative!
4) Stir smashed oreos into mix and chill.  Sprinkle the left over crumbs on top right before serving.


Scrappy Gifts said...

Yum - haven't tried it this way. I've done those striped cookies with vanilla pudding and banana pudding with bananas and/or mandarin oranges =)

I love my Pampered Chef chopper for mashing the cookies =)

Nicola said...

Now this is the kind of salad I can get my head around! I love anything with Oreos. Can't wait to try!