Thursday, June 6, 2013

Father’s Day Footprint Shirt {Cartridge giveaway}

Every year I like to make my husband a shirt for Father’s Day.  I usually do handprints, but my little baby is only 6 weeks old and he is still in the tight fist stage.  It would be super hard to get him to open his hand.  So I decided to do footprints instead.  I went with this saying because my kids actually do walk on my husband’s back all the time.  :)
Father's Day Footprint shirt
This is how I made it:
With a brush, I put the paint onto their feet.  I used fabric paint because acrylic paint fades in the wash.  And  yes she isn’t wearing pants, I didn’t want her to get paint on them. 
Father's Day Footprint shirt (1)
Then I put their feet onto the shirt. Make sure to have something inside the shirt or the paint with go through. I put some cardboard in the middle of it.  
Father's Day Footprint shirt (2)
Fun huh?
Father's Day Footprint shirt (3)
I got all of their feet on the shirt and used a different color for each. 
Father's Day Footprint shirt (4)
With the fabric paint, you have to heat set it with an iron.  I also cut out their names out of heat transfer vinyl with my Cricut.  Aren’t his little feet so cute? 
Father's Day Footprint shirt (6)
For the front, I cut out the heat transfer.  I used cartridges chalkboard fonts (for the Best Dad) and Base Camp for the other words. 
Father's Day Footprint shirt (5)
And that’s it!  I love how it turned out!

Father's Day Footprint shirt (8)
Would you like to win the digital cartridge that I used for the Best Dad words?  Well you’re in luck, one lucky winner will get the Chalkboard Fonts Cartridge.  Just enter the giveaway below. 
chalkboard fonts for bloggers

I would love it if you followed along.


anastasia anezinis said...

so lovely dad's gift!!!

Jenn said...

so very cute!

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

oh such a sweet gift

Scrapper 73 said...

Love this shirt so darn cute. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Samantha Hawkins said...

I LOVE this shirt and really hope I get to win the cartridge. I didn't even know they had come out with the cartridge...will have to make my hubby this from our girls....even though the girls are teens, they still love doing things like this!!! Thanks for the AMAZING idea!!!!!!!!! April

tonya2914 said...

so cute love it....that is awesome!!!

Amy @ The Happy Scraps said...

Love the shirt! I like that you used this cartridge for something that doesn't look chalkboard-ish. :)

partyof6 said...

Super cute! :) Thanks for sharing!!!!

Stephanie Murphy said...

Very cute shirt, dad will love it!

Stephanie Murphy said...

Very cute shirt, dad will love it!

jackie said...


I think this is my FAVORITE font cartridge!
Thanks for the chance to win!

BJ Smith said...

I had a friend that did the feet in the wrong positions. They look like butterflies. She then framed them and gave them to her mother for Mother's Day. The grand kids loved getting to paint their feet in the colors they wanted.

gypsyrps said...

What a cute idea. I am definitely doing this before our "little one" gets too big. Love the new cart!

Vanessa said...

This is such an adorable Father's Day gift idea! My husband would cherish this forever! Thanks for sharing this at our Make Bake Create party!