Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mentos + Diet Cola = Awesome Family Night

This summer we are focusing on doing some fun family activities.  Our kids are getting bored of summer and we can't just go to the park or the swimming pool because they are 45 minutes away.  We have a certain activities for the different days of the week.  One of the day is science experiments.  I'm sure you've seen this, but if you haven't you HAVE TO!!  It's so awesome.
diet coke and mentos
You just take some diet cola (has to be diet not zero) and add some mentos to it (fruit or mint flavored) and then sit back and watch the fun.
diet coke and mentos (15) diet coke and mentos (2) diet coke and mentos (6)
Here are a couple vidoes of it.  We were mean parents and made my daughter go first.  It was hilarious to watch :).  The boys had a blast with the last one. Even the chickens joined in on the fun.
I would love it if you followed along.


kaylynnczy said...

I'd love to try this! So fun - thanks for sharing!

Pretty Providence said...

Wow, who knew! That is so fun, thanks for sharing!

Elise Pears said...

Awesome pictures! looks like such a great time!

brooknwlrt said...

I've got to try this with my little one! good times =)

Karina Wetzel said...

I've been trying to comment and it never went thru.. sad! lol Anyways, I was saying How fun and an awesome idea for an activity! I will have to try that with Logan! and the videos are too funny!

Sowpath das said...

Nice Post