Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spiderweb T-Shirt Dress

Do you ever go into a craft store and find something that you just love that you just have to create something with it?  That is how I was when I found this spiderweb fabric from Jo-Ann store.  I just loved it and knew that I wanted to create with it in some way.  I knew that my little girl would love it for a dress, so I made her a t-shirt dress.  
Spiderweb t-shirt dress
This is how I made it:
I found this shirt at the Dollar Tree. It's for a little girl, not toddler size and it is extremely long, so it was perfect for a dress for my 2 year old.  Then I got 2/3 yard of the fun fabric.
Spiderweb t-shirt dress (3)
The shirt was a little big, so I turned it inside out and then sewed it to make it smaller.
Spiderweb t-shirt dress (6)
I cut the fabric to 18x32".  I got that by measuring the width of the bottom of the shirt, doubling it and then added a couple inches, that's how I got 32".  And then the 18" is how long it was to where I wanted the fabric to go.  
Spiderweb t-shirt dress (4)
I sewed the fabric together to make the skirt.
Spiderweb t-shirt dress (5)
I then pinned and sewed the fabric onto the shirt.  I gathered the fabric as I was sewing it onto the shirt.
Spiderweb t-shirt dress (7)
I then took a strip of fabric and then tied it onto the dress.  And that's it!  Super easy.
Spiderweb t-shirt dress (24)
Doesn't it look super cute on her??  I love it! 
Spiderweb t-shirt dress (10)
Here is the back.
Spiderweb t-shirt dress (8)
If you're heading off to Jo-Ann store, then print off this coupon 
I would love it if you followed along.