Friday, November 22, 2013

Handprint Turkeys {Kids Craft}

My kids love paint, there is just something about paint that makes the craft extra special.  Last month I made spiders with their hand prints and my little girl requested to do that again.  Well I thought that I would be fun to do turkeys instead.  
handprint turkey
I used some washable kids paint so I didn't have to worry about the paint getting every where.  
handprint turkey (1)
My little girl decided that she wanted pink and purple feathers, so we painted her hand with a brush and made her fingers didn't colors.
handprint turkey (2)
Then we just put their hand onto a piece of 5x7 paper.
handprint turkey (3)
I let the kids paint on the legs, beak and gaggle.  And then we glued on an eye.  We put it into a white frame and added some felt stickers.  
handprint turkey (5)
These were a lot of fun, perfect to do this week right before Thanksgiving.  

I would love it if you followed along.