Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Super Easy Boys’ Room Decorations: 2x4 Legos

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I have 4 boys and just 1 girl. So of course we are huge fans of Legos at our house.  We LOVE them.  We love to play with them.  My second son is still obsessed with them, he requests a new set all the time.  They are just so much fun.  I actually find myself playing with them and being fascinated by all the little details and pieces that go into putting them together.  Whoever invented Legos was a genius!  Since we love Legos so much, I have been wanting to do a Lego room for my oldest boys’ room.  I have a lots of fun ideas, but I am super excited about this project that I came up with to make big DIY Lego decorations.  The best part of this, it cost me absolutely nothing.  I had everything on hand and I also got to do some recycling.  I made them out of 2x4 woods, lids and paint.  That’s it! 
This is how I made the 2x4 Lego Decorations:
I cut some 2x4 and 2x2 wood into different sizes.  I cut 2 pieces 3 1/2 inches, 1 piece 6 inches, 1 piece 8 inches and the 2x2 6 inches.  Once I thought up this idea, I immediately started saving lids off our drinks.  I used lids from 2 liter pop bottles, from the small Gaterade bottles and from milk jugs.  The 2 liter lids were my favorite, they were the best size.
easy-boys-room-decor-2x4-legos (1)
Using a glue gun, I glued the lids onto the wood.  I have found that gluing is better to do before painting because sometimes the glue tends to stick to the layer of paint instead of the wood.
easy-boys-room-decor-2x4-legos (2)
I thought that this would be a fun activity for my kids to do, so I let them do most of the painting.  I covered my table with some old wrapping paper and let them go at it.  They had a lot of fun and they both did a great job!
easy-boys-room-decor-2x4-legos (3)
Here is what the Lego looks like painted.  I did a couple coats of paint and just used regular acrylic paint.
easy-boys-room-decor-2x4-legos (4)
And that’s it!  So easy and so much fun!  I think that I will be making more.  I love how they turned out. 
easy-boys-room-decor-2x4-legos (6)
There are so many things that you can do with them.  You can just use them for a decoration for a kids’ room.  Put them onto a shelf or dresser to add some color.  Or they would be perfect for a Lego birthday party.  I could just see these looking so fun and festive on the food table, all different colors to make the birthday party color scheme.

The little ones would make a really fun paper weight.  Or  I could see them on a book shelf used a book end, especially the big ones that are 8 inches long.  Just stand them up on their sides and put books in between.  I'm thinking that is what I'm going to do with these.  There have been way too many times that our books fall down because we don't have enough for the shelf.
easy-boys-room-decor-2x4-legos (7)
Or you could use them as a toy in a way, let the kids stack them up and build buildings for their own little Lego guys.  Seriously, so many possibilities. 
easy-boys-room-decor-2x4-legos (9)
I have four boys, so of course this isn’t the first thing that I have made with Legos. 

I don’t know about you and your kids with Legos but when you store your toys indoors and your kids are constantly playing with them, there is a very high chance that you will step on them.  I can not tell you how many times I have been walking around cleaning the house and I have stepped on a Lego, especially in the middle of the night when you’re going in to check on your kids.  It hurts!  So I put this vinyl onto the container that holds all of our Legos.  The bed sheet is in there because I like to have my kids play with their Legos on the sheet so when they are done I can just fold up the sheet and put the whole thing into the container.  It’s great for easy clean up and it helps with have less Legos under your foot.

lego sign vinyl (1) 
I just had to share one of my favorite Halloween family costumes. I turned all of us into Legos!  It was so much fun and a big hit with the kids and community!  All I did was take some concrete forming tubes (for the heads), card board boxes and lots and lots spray paint and created the costumes. 
lego Halloween (4)2
I would love it if you followed along.


Coleen said...

What awesome party decorations those would make! I played with Legos growing up and can't wait for my son to get into them too! I LOVE your sheet idea in the bucket! That's ingenious!!

Cindy deRosier said...

I'm the Editorial Assistant for Fun Family Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have featured your project! You can see it here:


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Brittany Evans said...

These are so cool! I would have never guessed those were bottle caps on the top. Love it!