Thursday, April 17, 2014

Knit Ruffle Pillow

I have a thing for pillows.  I love making pillows for every room!  They are so much fun and add so much color and personality to a room.  Here is one that I made for my master bedroom.  You can't go wrong with ruffles :)
knit ruffle pillow
This is how I made it:
I took some grey knit fabric, cut it into strips that were 3/4” wide and ruffled them. 
grey ruffles
Using lots and lots of pins, I pinned the ruffles onto a piece of fabric that was 18x18”. 
ruffled design pillow (1)
Then I sewed the ruffles onto the fabric. 
ruffled design pillow (2)
I took two pieces of fabric and cut them 18x14 and 18x13 and overlapped them.  I placed them on top of the ruffles and then sewed up the sides. 
ruffled design pillow (3)
Then I flipped the pillow case inside out.  And that’s it!
ruffled design pillow (4)
I stuffed a little pillow in it and put it with my two gathered pillows on my bed. 
knit ruffle pillow (3)

knit ruffle pillow (1)