Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY Polka Dot Shorts

Do you ever walk into your closet and look around and say to yourself, "I have nothing to wear".  I do that all the time!  At the beginning of summer I actually didn't have any shorts to wear.  Those joys of losing baby weight and clothes not fitting.  I have a hard time finding shorts too because they are either capris or too short.  I found a pair of navy flares that I love how they fit me around the waist, but don't care for the flares.  So I decided to turn them into a fun pair of shorts.  I made these two months ago and they are by far my favorite pair of shorts right now.  And they still look amazing.  
DIY polka dot shorts
Here are the pants before:
DIY polka dot shorts (3)
First thing I did was cut them at the knee and hemmed them up.
DIY polka dot shorts (5)
Then using white fabric paint and a pencil, I made the dots.
DIY polka dot shorts (6)
I carefully put the dots all over the pants.  Then I waited a couple hours and painted the other side.  Be careful that they don't fold, or paint gets everywhere (I know that from experience).  I then hung them up in my closet and let it dry for 24 hours before wearing them.
DIY polka dot shorts (7)
And this is what they look like on, I love them!  
DIY polka dot shorts (11)

DIY polka dot shorts (12)


Jessica R said...

I love these! I too am struggling finding clothes while I lose baby weight..honestly right now I am wearing a maternity skirt and t-shirt...someone thought I was pregnant today! hahaha...oops :) I am tall so I could totally find any ol' second hand pair of pants regardless of length and do this. I love the polka dots too!

Lindsay said...

So cute! I have a flared pair of jeans that I have been meaning to cut into shorts, and I think I might have to copy your polka dot idea. Such a fun and easy way to make them different without spending much. Great idea!

Lisa D'Amato Designs on Blogger said...

Nice !