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Doc McStuffins Slumber Party Game Ideas #JuniorCelebrates #CollectiveBias

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My little girl is obsessed with Disney Junior right now, she just loves it!  She especially loves Doc McStuffins and likes to watch it all the time.  I like it because it's educational and it's teaching her life lessons that she will need when she has to go to the doctor's.  Since we love Doc McStuffins so much, I thought it would be fun to invite a couple of my daughter's friends over and have a little party with them.  We had so much fun playing games with them!  These games are all super easy and most of them are games that I came up with using stuff that I bought at the store.
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I headed to Walmart to get all the Disney Junior supplies.  We got a super cute comforter for my little girl, some fun Hasbro games and some American Greeting decorations.  
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Here is all the things that I got for the party! 
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Using the decorations and some band-aids, we played the game, pin the band-aid onto the doctor.
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I also made a fun scavenger hunt for the girls, to get ready for bed.  Each note had a little rhyme as a clue to what they should do next.  Here is what the clues said.
1- Get a Drink:
It has been fun but playtime is up
Time to get some liquid and fill up a cup.
2- Go Potty:
Bed time has come and before you go to your room
You need to go and use the bathroom.
3- Brush Teeth:
You are done eating all your food and beans
Now it's time to make your teeth squeaky clean.
4- Put on PJ's:
Before you go and do something strange
Go to your dresser and get changed.
5- Read a book:
It's almost time to go to bed 
Go get something that can be read.
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I also made the girls a big book of boo boos so write and draw in.  
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The kids had so much fun playing all the fun games.  They thoroughly enjoyed the board games that I got.  I thought that this Operation game was just perfect!  
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Then we played Doc McStuffins memory game.  This actually kept them entertained for awhile (I love those kind of games).  
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Next we played pin the band-aid on the doctor.  It was a big hit too!  Plus it was so easy to make.
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Their all time favorite game was parachute with the comforter.  They had a blast!!  They had so much fun doing it over and over again. 
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Once we were done playing the games, it was time to settle down a little bit.  So I let them draw in their big book of boo boos.
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And the last activity was the scavenger hunt.  
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What a perfect evening with these fun little girls.   
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If you are planning a party, Disney #JuniorCelebrates all kinds of occasions.  And they can be SO MUCH FUN!  


Andrea Kruse said...

Love the Big Book of Boo-Boos you created for your guests! looks like they had a great time with all those games. #client