Monday, September 15, 2014

Fabric Interfacing on Silhouette: Fabric Curtain Wall Sticker

One of my favorite features about the Silhouette is that it can cut fabric.  It's awesome and I have done so many fun projects with it!  I'm always amazed by how well it cuts the fabric too.  I use this feature all the time to make pillows and to make t-shirts.  It's fun to cut out a cute design and then sew it onto a pillow or shirt.  

Here is a pillow that I made for fall a couple years back.  It still looks great and I still love it!  

pumpkin pillow (11)

Another way I have my Silhouette cut out fabric is so I can put it onto the wall and kinda make a fabric sticker with it.  When I was decorating my little girl's play kitchen in her closet, I wanted to make a fun little window for it.  You can't have a window without a curtain.  And curtains are so much cuter with fabric, so I made her a fabric curtain wall sticker.
fabric curtain wall sticker
This is how I did it.  I took a piece of fabric and then I piece of white vinyl.  I cut them the same size.
fabric curtain wall sticker (1)
Then using Mod Podge, I put a layer of the glue onto the vinyl and then put the fabric onto the vinyl.  I pressed it down hard and then pushed out all the air bubbles. 
fabric curtain wall sticker (2)
Then I put the fabric onto the Silhouette mat and cut it out.
fabric curtain wall sticker (3)
Here it is all cut out. I used the regular settings for fabric interfacing, but just made it a little deeper cut.
fabric curtain wall sticker (4)
I then cut out a window and curtain rod with vinyl.  I just peeled off the backing and stuck it up on the wall.
fabric curtain wall sticker (5)
It was super easy to make and I love how it turned out!
fabric curtain wall sticker (6)

fabric curtain wall sticker (8)
And here it is in her play kitchen.  So much fun, huh?  I love it!
tasyn closet