Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Super Easy Dry Erase Kids Chore Chart Printable

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Kids and chores.  Sometimes they just don't mix.  Especially with my kids.  It's always a battle for us.  I find that I have to come up with different charts and things like to get them excited about doing chores.  Lately we have been doing an allowance for chores and it felt like every week I was paying the kids but still doing a lot of cleaning and really didn't have a very clean house.  I decided that we really needed some real structure, so I made up this super easy and simple chore chart.  

I made up the printable and then I wrote out what the chores are.  All of my kids are going to have the same chores.  Basically I'm not going to be cleaning up any of the kids' stuff anymore, the 4 of them are in charge of it.  
Super-Easy-Dry-Erase-Chore-Chart-with-Printable (1)
After I wrote down all the chore, I laminated them so we can use a dry erase marker to mark off the chores.
Super-Easy-Dry-Erase-Chore-Chart-with-Printable (3)
I have 6 circles for each chore (one for each day Monday-Saturday).  Every night before we do our nightly reading and go to bed, I let each kid have the clip board and their chart.  We walk through the house and check off what is done.  If something isn't done, I have them do it.  They love being able to check off their own charts!

  If the whole chart is filled up for the week, I will give them their full allowance.  If it's just partially filled then I will just give them partial allowance.  So far it's been working really well.  The kids like to check out their chores each evening.  Plus it's nice to go to bed with a cleaner house!  
Super-Easy-Dry-Erase-Chore-Chart-with-Printable (4)
How do you get your kids to do chores?