Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Snack or School Lunch Food Idea- Carrot Shaped Snack Bag with Printable

I am having so much fun putting fun Easter treats and snacks into my kids' school lunches this week.  And they are loving it too!  I have been putting in their normal foods, just making them Easter themed.  I found these awesome carrot shaped bags at our party store and I knew that I had to do something with them!  You can fill them with really anything because they are already orange but I decided to add Goldfish to them because my kids love them and I usually send a bag of Goldfish anyway.  

All I used were the bags, Goldfish, the printable I made and twine.  If you can't find carrot colored bags, you could use clear cone shaped bags and then fill it with Goldfish or other orange colored food.  
Easter-School-Lunch-Food-Carrot-With-Printable (1)
I filled the bags with Goldfish and then tied it off with twine.  
Easter-School-Lunch-Food-Carrot-With-Printable (2)
Then I added the printable.  If you don't get the pun of the printable it says I carrot (care a lot) about you.  Just a fun thing to send to your child.  
Easter-School-Lunch-Food-Carrot-With-Printable (4)

Easter-School-Lunch-Food-Carrot-With-Printable (5)

Here are a few other foods I have sent with my kids for lunch this week:
Duck-Fruit-Cup-with-Printable (6)

Easter-School-Lunch-Idea-Bunny-String-Cheese (5)