Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mother’s Day Gift Idea Perfect For Primary or School Kids to Make

A few years back I posted about this idea.  My children where in primary and their Primary Presidency made them up for them to give to the moms of the ward.  I thought that it was such a great idea that I posted the idea.  Well I thought that I would make it a little easier on you and make up a printable for you so all you have to do is print them out and attach the candies to them.  Super easy and it's such a fun idea!  This would be perfect for kids to help make so they can give them to their moms.  So perfect for schools, grandmas helping their grand kids, dad helping their kids or the Primary. 

This is how you make them.  Print out the printable.  Two of  them come on one sheet.  The fun size M&M's are perfect size for these too.
Mother's-Day-Gift-Perfect-For-Primary-or-School-Kids (1)
Cut the games out with a paper trimmer.  
Mother's-Day-Gift-Perfect-For-Primary-or-School-Kids (2)
Then using a hole punch, tie the candy onto the game.  I used baker's twine. 
Mother's-Day-Gift-Perfect-For-Primary-or-School-Kids (3)
And that's it!  So easy to make and what a great game to play with your kids!  
Mother's-Day-Gift-Perfect-For-Primary-or-School-Kids (4)