Monday, May 18, 2015

Tips to Make Cleaning More Enjoyable For the Whole Family #CleaningUntangled

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Cleaning is one of those things that our family struggles with.  No one loves cleaning in our house and it is definitely a big chore for all of us.  I'm always trying to come up with new ways to make it more enjoyable for us to do and less of a burden and more of an everyday thing that we all just do, without really thinking about it.  Lately these few tips have been working really well for us and I would say that our house is cleaner than it has been for a long time.  Plus the kids are even doing it too and it's not such an awful thing for them to do every day after school.  I thought that I would share some of these tips with you! 
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• Daily cleaning tasks
There are several tasks that I have to do every single day just to keep up with my family.  These include dishes, laundry and vacuuming.  I'm sure that you all have had a day where one doesn't get done and then the next day it just piles up (especially laundry, for some reason my kids have to wear clothes every. single. day. what is up with that?!?!).  I have found that if I keep up with just those three tasks daily, my house is much cleaner.
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•Set a timer 
This is something that is great for me and for my kids.  For me it's a nice way to just quickly get a room done.   Please tell me I'm not the only one that has done this before: I start cleaning a room and then I put away something in another room.  While in that room I see some dirty clothes on the floor.  So then I start a load of laundry, but of course I then have to fold the clothes that are in the dryer and put away all the folded clothes.  By the time I've done all of that it's been 30 minutes and I had forgotten what I was doing when I began and the house doesn't look like I've done anything.  This happens to me ALL THE TIME!  So this timer trick is a great way for me to focus on one room.  I set it for 15-20 minutes and just do as much as I can in one room.  You can make a game out of it too, see how quickly you can clean the room and beat the timer.

It's also a great trick to do with the kids.  Sometimes I have to set a timer for my kids because they will not get motivated to clean or they will be playing with the toys they are supposed to be cleaning.  The timer makes them hurry and do it, especially if there is a reward when the timer goes off :).   
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• Make a game out of cleaning
My kids love to vacuum.  It's one of their favorite chores (mine too, I love it!).  But the whole picking up the stuff before that is hard for them to do.  So I make a game out of it and time them.  Whoever cleans up their room the fastest, or does a certain chore the fastest, gets to vacuum the room.  This actually works pretty well because it becomes a race and gives them a reason to clean.  Or you can see who can vacuum their room the fastest and then give the winner a prize.  
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•Blare the music and dance
Music is a wonderful thing.  I makes so many things so much more enjoyable.  I always clean better when I have music going and I can sing and dance.  My kids are the same way.  We have a little dance party as we are cleaning and it's so fun to watch my kids get down with their bad selves.  
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• Make a cleaning schedule 
For me when I think about having to clean my whole house every single day, it gets overwhelming and quite frankly, it just doesn't get done.  So I focus on doing those daily tasks and then I have one other chore that is more a deep cleaning task that will help me get really clean my house.  I made a cute printable for it too, so I can display it in my kitchen.  Because for me, the second I write it down and display it, it makes me actually do it.  Rather than just thinking about it and it's just an idea.  Ideas don't always get done but if I write them down, there is a bigger chance they will get done.  
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•Get a vacuum that works really well
For the past year my vacuum has been struggling.  It just hasn't worked very well and has lost a lot of suction.  Well then I tried the new  Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® was so surprised by how much stuff came out of my carpets.  I vacuum frequently and I thought that I was getting everything, but boy was a wrong.  Just look at how much dirt is in the vacuum after vacuuming my boys' room.  And this was after I had already emptied it out!  It's amazing the difference a good vacuum can do.  
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The huge difference that this vacuum has is that it self cleans its brush roll.  Yes I said that it self cleans!  No more having to go in there with scissors to untangle the brush roll after all of the hairs gets vacuumed.  With my hair and my daughter's hair, it's get tangled pretty easily and quickly.  With my last vacuum, I would use the scissors to get rid of it and then having to pull it out of the vacuum, it was just plain gross.  So half the time I forgot to do it and it got really really bad.  So the idea of just having to push a button and it does itself, sounds AMAZING!!  

So here the brush roll after vacuuming 4 rooms.
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And here it is after I used the self cleaning button.  All you have to do is turn on the vacuum and hold down the button for 10 seconds and it does the rest.  It's so awesome!  And so easy that it will be an easy thing to do every time I vacuum, so I don't have to worry about it getting super tangled.  No more having to pull out gross hair! 
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You can get this awesome Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal®  at Walmart nationwide.  Plus you can enter to win  one and some Walmart gift cards, woohoo!!!

What are some of you favorite cleaning tips?  What do you do to make cleaning more enjoyable?  I would love to hear them, leave me a comment!  


Sew Whit said...

Ok that hair self cleaner...amazing!!

Melissa Blocker said...

Growing up with 9 girls I truly appreciate the genius behind the self clean feature. And why isn't the self winding cord feature standard. What an amazing vacuum. I know what is on my wish list!

Chief Household Officer said...

I love how you incorporate your kids into the cleaning. Such a tough, but necessary, thing to do.

hollymade said...

That hair cleaner, amazing! So needed in my house!

Andrea Kruse said...

Love the timer trick! Yes, I have cleaning OCD and I can go through a whole day of being busy without it ever looking like I cleaned a single room! Ugh. Thanks for sharing your tips. #client

Renee said...

I would love to put this awesome technology to work in my house vacuuming up cat hair!

Michelle J. said...

That would be incredible!