Wednesday, October 28, 2015

DIY Minecraft Creeper, Steve and Zombie Costume

For the past three years my kids have been asking to be Minecraft for Halloween.  We usually have a family theme each year, so I usually can convince them to do something else.  Well this year we aren't doing a family theme, so I let them do Minecraft.  They picked a creeper, Steve and a zombie.  They were easy to make and the best thing about them is they only cost $5 each to make, woohoo!!  The heads are about $20 each so and they aren't nearly as cool as these ones :).  I ended up making them a mask, a hat and a treat box (since they always seem to want a prop, I figured they might as well have a functional prop). 

This is how I made them:
I bought lots of foam board at the dollar store.  I used my cutting board and a knife to cut them. 

DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (1)
For the big, full masks I cut the foam boards into squares that were 10x10 inches.  I cut 4 pieces that size and the top piece 10 x 9 3/4 inches.  For the top piece you have to take off about 1/4" one side to fit into the top of the square.
DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (3)
Using a glue gun, I glued the sides together.  I then put some glue on the inside of the two pieces for extra strength.  Then I used some duct tape (or clear tape) on all of the sides and corners for more strength and structure.

DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (4)
Here it is all put together.

DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (5)
I them painted them.  I used spray paint and then some acrylic paint to make the faces.
DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (7)
I then put vinyl onto the faces and also painted the faces.
DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (9)

For the eyes, I cut holes at the eyes and then used a black and blue mesh fabric.  I put it behind the hole inside the head and glued and taped it inside the head.
DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (10)
For the shirts I just used regular boys' shirts.  To save some money, I found some white shirts at the dollar store and used some Rit Dye that I had left over from another project to dye the Steve and Zombie shirts (and because I wanted them to be the perfect blue). 
I cut out some Minecraft shapes with my Silhouette (I used the vinyl for the Creeper head and then use the rest of the vinyl for a stencil), taped them onto the shirt and painted them.  I used a few different colors of blue.
DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (6)
And that's it for the mask costume.  They were really easy to make!  Here is Steve. 
And here is the Creeper.
Once I had made the masks I realized that at our church's trunk or treat they don't allow people to wear masks and without the head of the costume, it's a pretty boring costume.  So I came up with another way to make them, so instead of being a mask, they are a hat.  I did it all the exact same way but instead of cutting them 10x10, I cut them 7.5 x 7.5 inches (8 x 8 inches for my 10 year old).  
DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (11)
And then once the boxes were made, I glued and stapled in a beanie hat (I covered the staples with vinyl).  I also made an Enderman for my husband to wear with the boys.
DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (13)
Here is my son being a zombie with the hat version.  For his shirt I cut some slits in it and then sewed some green fabric behind the slits.  I also added some green sleeves.
As I was making costumes my kids asked if I would make them weapons and props.  Like my son wanted a sword or a pic axe.  I end up making them weapons and then half way through trick or treating I end up holding them, not so fun.  So I decided to make their weapons/props functional, I make them treat "boxes" instead of treat bags.  I made the boxes the same way with the foam board as I did the heads, and I cut them 8 x 8 inches.  For added structure and support (I didn't want all the weight of the candy to be put onto the bottom piece) I glued in some felt into the middle of them.  The bottom piece is a full piece of felt, so the sides of the fabric are glued to the sides and the bottom of the box.  
DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (14)
I then painted the boxes.  I made a grass block for the zombie (he wanted rotted flesh but I wasn't sure how in the world I would do that, so we settled on a grass block).  I made the tools for Steve (it has two swords, a pic axe and a shovel on it all made from vinyl squares).  And I made TNT for the Creeper.
DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (15)
These are my favorite part of the costumes.  And when Halloween is over, I'm putting them into the boys' Minecraft room, on their  Minecraft shelves!
DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (16)
And that's it for the costumes!!  Aren't they so much fun??!  The kids like them and are happy, so I'm happy.
DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (20)
Here is the hat version.  I love that you get to see their cute faces.
DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Steve-and-Zombie-Costumes (18)
And here is the mask version.  I think that the their costumes just look so cool, either way and we can't wait to go trick or treating on Halloween!
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