Thursday, July 28, 2016

Boys' Game Room Bedroom Decor: Xbox and Nintendo Controller Canvases

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I have 4 boys so sooner or later I knew that I needed a game room.  Right now we are using all of our rooms for bedrooms but we have one big room that is a bedroom/play room.  A couple of weeks ago we had about 10 kids in this room and decided that it was time to turn the bedroom into a bedroom/game room.  My boys love video games (like most boys do) so instead of fighting them on it, I am making it more fun for them.  Because no matter what, they are going to play them, so I might as well have it be at my house so I can choose the games that they play :).  So we turned their Minecraft room into a "game room" theme.  So we have a  Minecraft, Pokemon, Nintendo, Xbox and Mario theme going on.  So far I am loving (and my boys are too) the things that I have made for their room.  Here are some super simple Xbox and Nintendo controller canvases that I made for their room.  

The first thing I did was designed the controllers in Silhouette studio.  Using the rounded square tool and the circle tool I designed the old school Nintendo controller (that one is by far my FAVORITE canvas).  

I made up the design and then separated the design into the different colors and cut it out with my Silhouette CAMEO. I used a light gray, dark gray, red and black vinyl.  

I then put the vinyl altogether before putting it onto the canvas.  Doesn't it look awesome??  I have a feeling that I will be making myself a shirt with this on it in the near future :).

I painted a white 12x12 canvas a light gray and then put the vinyl onto it (I added the cord later). 

I did the same thing for the other two controllers, designed them in Silhouette studio and then cut out the different colors in vinyl.  Here is the Wii remote.  

And the Xbox 360 controller. 

I put all the vinyl onto the 4 canvases. 

Then using the command strips, I put them onto the wall.  

And that it's!!! I seriously love how they turned out, they make me so happy! 

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