Friday, November 11, 2016

DIY Farmhouse Style Frame- Oh Happy Day

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This past week I made my very first piece of furniture all by myself!! My husband and I usually do it together but this time around I wanted to try to do it all, and I'm so excited about it (it's not quite ready yet but trust me, you'll know when it's done cuz I will post it that day!) **Update, I finished it and you can find it here.**  Since I just built a new table, I needed to figure out what I wanted to put on it.  A whole new surface to decorate, I was super excited!  I love all the farmhouse style frames because they are so easy to make and super cute.  So I decided to put my own take on them, and this what I came up with :). 

I knew that I wanted to do some kind of fun, happy saying on the sign so when I was browsing around in Target looking for things for my table, I saw this sign.  I loved it but it was $25 (yikes!) so I went home and then the next day starting getting to work to make my own version, that only cost me $6 to make!
This is how I made it.  I took some partial board that I had left over from my garage mudroom project and cut it to size.  It's about 10 3/4" wide and 18" long.  And the wood is about 3/4" thick. Then I painted it white (this was just the primer coat, I put on anther coat of paint). 

I then got a 1x2 piece of wood and cut it to fit around the piece of wood.  First I cut two of the pieces 18 inches (the same size of the wood piece) and then I placed those next to the wood and measured the width of it with the two pieces on.  I then cut the two pieces, which ended up being 12 1/4".  Then I painted them a fun yellow paint
While those were drying, I went to my Silhouette and cut out some vinyl. I used the font called Buttercup (it's one of my favorites right now).   I cut it out and then instead of taking off the excess vinyl, I took out the actually letters.  That way I can use it as a stencil. 

Using some transfer paper, I put the vinyl onto the wood. 

Then I carefully painted the words onto it. You have to do a dabbing motion instead of a back and forth motion so you don't get the paint under the vinyl.

Next I put the yellow wood around the wood. 
Then using 1 1/2" inch nail gun nails, I nailed it altogether. 

And that's it!  Oh it makes me so happy!  

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