Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rustic Christmas Decor- DIY Wooden Box

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Christmas is my favorite season.  I just love everything about it!  But I especially love the smells of it.  It's amazing how many memories are triggered by smells.  Just today I was walking out of a grocery store and I smelled something that completely sent me back to my 6th grade year at school and it was great.  I love when my house smells amazing and it reminds me of all the memories from my childhood.  Christmas was so magical when I was a kid and I want to remember those days.  My mom always had pine cones during the holiday season to start the fires in our fireplace, so whenever I see and smell pine cones I think about home.  So when I saw the limited edition Glade® Timeless Joy™ scent,  I knew that I wanted to get it.  It inspired me to have more of a rustic theme for Christmas this year to bring me joy this season, even when it gets stressful.

I headed to Fred Meyer to pick up some Glade®  products.  They have four different scents this holiday season and they can be found on a display in the middle of the air freshener aisle. Along with the display there may be signage of an app called Shazam which leads to a Spotify playlist, video content and giveaway.  

I ended up getting the Glade® Timeless Joy™ 9.2 oz. Large Jar Candle and the Glade® Happy Glow™ Solid Air Freshener.  I am going to use the candle and tie it in with my rustic decor and the air fresheners are going to go into random rooms to make them smell good and make me happy. 

Now for the rustic wooden box that I made.  This is how I made it:

I got a 1x4 piece of wood and then I cut 3 pieces 15 inches long (you can do it any size that you want, just make sure you have three pieces that are the same size).

Using a nail gun, with 1 1/2" nails, I nailed the three pieces together. 

I measured the sides to figure out how wide I needed to cut the next pieces.  I cut the two pieces 5 inches. 

I then nailed the side pieces on to complete the box. 

So I learned a lesson that I wanted to share.  When you nail in the middle of a knot, then it will crack.  As you can see on this piece of wood that is on the ground.  That one was on the box but I had to take it off because it cracked.  So don't make the same mistake as I did :).  

After the box was complete, I sanded it. 

Using an espresso colored stain, I stained the box.  

Then with a rag I rubbed it and took off the excess stain.  

Once it was dry, I put the word "joy" on it.  Using my electronic cutter, I cut out some vinyl to use as a stencil.  Instead of taking off the excess vinyl and leaving the word behind, you take out the word and you are left with a stencil. 

I put the vinyl onto the box and then painted it white (I just used regular acrylic paint).   Then I took off the vinyl. 

Once it was dry, I sanded the word a little bit to give it a little more rustic look.  I then took 4 mason jars and I painted white.

Then I put the flowers into the mason jars and then put them into the box.  And that's it!  Isn't it so pretty?!

I put the box together with some other fun rustic decor and the Glade® Timeless Joy™.    Whenever I see it, I just feel joy and excitement for Christmas!

The box was actually really easy to make and I just love how it looks!

What are some of your favorite Christmas memories?  What kind of scents bring back those memories?  

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Janet Krugel said...

This is such a classic and beautiful display! I love the new holiday scents from Glade. They are so Christmas-y! [client]

Audra @ Renewed Projects said...

Beautiful box!