Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whatever Wednesday: Fabric Flowers

It is so much fun making flowers out of fabric!! Here are two flowers that you can make by using circles! Both are super easy!

For the 6 petal flower, I got the idea here.
This is how I made it:
1) I traced out 6 circles on the back of my fabric. These were about 3 inches in diameter

2) I then cut out the circles

3) I then folded one of the circles in half and then in half again
4) With a needle and thread, I sewed the bottom and pulled the thread tight. I then sewed back and through the last of the petal to make sure it stayed nice and tight.

5) Using the same thread, I did the same thing for the next petal
6) I continued to sew all of the 6 petals. I then sewed the first and last petal together to make a circle in the middle.

7) To cover the circle in the middle, I made a rosette (tutorial here) with the same fabric and glued it on. Then I glued it onto a clip.

For the circle flower
This is how I made it:

1) I cut out 5 circles, each about 2 inches in diameter

2) One circle is the back and 4 others are the petals. I took on circle and folded it in half and then folded it in half again. Then I put the tip in the middle of the bottom circle and sewed it into place
3) I then did that for the rest of the petals

4) Add a rhinestone or button in the middle to hide the thread and then put it on a cute little girl!


Kelly said...

So cute! I have a lampshade I need to spruce up....maybe it needs some flowers!


WobiSobi said...

So Cute, I can't wait to make some of these.

Rachel @ Mr.Onesock said...

So cute! No girls here but a few nieces I could make those for!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the link back! I really loved that material you picked. That blue is really pretty.



How cute it the sweety girl more then flowers...after all girls are also as cute flowers...hmmm..proud to be a girl...hahaha

Gen said...

So pretty and cute. A new follower from Thrifty Thursday blohop. See you in my page...

You can visit here

Linda said...

Very nice. Baby is beautiful! Best wishes. Linda

Meg said...

Adorable! I don't think I've seen this method before. So cute.

Jonell said...

Wow. The flower looks really great! I love it! Two thumbs up! Fat quarter bundles

Mary said...

I love your fabric flowers and your models are cute too! Thank you joining Masterpiece Monday. Mary :O)

AmieAnn said...

These are too stinkin cute! I especially love the Pink one on the cute little girl! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!

Ginger said...

Very cute! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!