Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashionable Friday

Happy Friday!!!  I hope that everyone had a good week!  Mine went by super fast and now it's spring break for my kids, yay!!!

This past week I didn't get super dressed up.

This is a very normal day for me.  If you were to see me on the streets, this is probably what I would look like.  With my glasses, hair straight, absolutely no make up and wearing a shirt and jeans.  Oh and flip flops :)

This day I wasn't feeling very good at all.  But once a month I get together with some women and we played Bunco.  20 minutes before I needed to go, I decided that I felt good enough to go, so I jumped in the shower and just threw on some clothes and put up my hair.  I love red and I love my red flip flops from Paris (my SIL got them for me!).
This Sunday I wore a skirt (made from a shirt) that I made last spring.  I put a simple flower in my hair and wore a silver necklace.  I love this spring weather!!! :)



Scrappy Gifts said...

LOVE LOVE the last outfit especially with the pop of color of your skirt. Your hair is gorgeous. I need to straighten mine more often. I always wear mine up because I'm lazy.
Love those red flip flops. I almost bough some red flat sandals yesterday - they reminded me of these, but not as cool as coming from Paris =)