Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snowman Soap Neighbor Gift

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Do you make neighbor gifts?  Or teacher gifts?  Every year I try to come up with something little, just so I can show people that I'm thinking about them.  When it comes to gifts, I like to do something practical (I can blame my mom for that), something that they will actually use and not just sit in the closet.  And I’m not really a baker, so little treats aren’t my thing.  So I came up with these cute little snowman soaps.  They are so easy to make, super cheap (cost me $.88 for the soap) and when they are done with them, they can refill it or throw it away, yay for no clutter!  Plus everyone could use soap!

snowman soap (5)
This is how I made them:
I bought some white soap and used goo gone to take off the label.  I peeled off the label and then I used my fingernail and a paper towel to get the sticky part of the label off.  You will want to take a baby wipe or something to take away the grease from the goo gone.
snowman soap (1)
Using black and orange vinyl, I made the snowman face with my Cricut.
snowman soap (2)
Then with some washi tape, I made a little scarf.  You could totally use ribbon too, it would be super cute.
snowman soap (3)
Then I made this fun tags for the soaps.  Go here for the free printable. 
christmas tags-001
I used a scalloped punch to punch the tag, but you could just cut the circle with scissors.  Then I wrapped the tag around with ribbon. 
snowman soap (4)
And that’s it!  A super easy, cheap and practical neighbor gift!
snowman soap (5)
I’m thinking that I’m giving these to my sons’ teachers.  I’m sure they could always use more soap Smile
snowman soap (6)

I also made some other kinds of soap- a reindeer, Santa and penguin.  Check out the details here.

Christmas Soap Neighbor Gift (7)


Caroline said...

I love these they are gorgeous. Caroline xxx

Kyra @ RACKS and Mooby said...

Love it!! Thanks for sharing the printable too!

Katie @ Pincushion Creations said...

These are so stinkin adorable!! What a fun gift!

Linda Bouf said...

This is just too cute!! I am seeing such cute things. I can TRY to make them all, right? :) Happy Christmas, Linda


Celeste Rhythm said...

OH THANK YOU! we really needed an idea JUST LIKE THIS ONE! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Zefi said...

What a gorgeous idea. And so simple! Plus, like you said, everyone can use soap!

megan said...

Thanks for this great idea!! I just made some yesterday for my kids' teachers. You can looks at my post and tell me what you think:) Thanks!

marielena72 said...

Hello from Greece!That qute funny and simpble to make! :-)

MollyBumblebee said...

Super cute! Thanks for the great idea.

Elizabeth Lund said...

Love this!! Wish I had a cricut, but I can make it work!!

Dianne Elliott said...


Help . . .

I want to make your adorable snowmen soaps for Christmas this year . . . what size circles did you use for the eyes and mouth? What cartridge has a carrot for the nose? I need direction making a washi tape bow!

Paula said...

I have the idea for what to give the people in my writers' group this year. Even our fellas use soap! Thanks.